We love hearing and sharing our members stories.

Take a look through at some of the things they do and achieve…

Rhiannon Halford – Couch Potato to competitive Crossfit

Chris Harland – I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been. Josh can’t double my back-squat weight now that’s for sure, and my kids can’t run away from me either!

Daisy B – This is not just a gym.

Jessie B – My favourite and the best part of training with Fortitude? The people you train with.

Sam Goodwin – I have started to appreciate and focus on what my body can do and not just about what’s on the scales or how I look. 

My First 30 Days – Catherine

My First 30 Days – Dave

My First 30 Days – Tracey

My First 30 Days – Alice


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