Common Fitness Mistake #4 – A Go Hard Or Go Home Attitude

Todays common fitness mistake is all about those people who think that training needs to be 100 miles an hour and performed at maximum intensity to see great results.

The go hard or go home attitude for training has been famed by many a fitness model, bodybuilder, strongman athlete alike in the past and the phrase itself takes pride of place among many gym walls, t-shirts, vest etc.

A quick google search provides plenty of memes and comical bodybuilding motivation videos of jacked up guys throwing weights around. (It’s no wonder gyms are seen to be intimidating places for most).

We are pleased to say however that this approach is not necessary when seeking great results from your time in the gym, for many reasons;

  1. Individuals with young children, working professionals, or students who all lead busy and stressful lives potentially don’t have the energy to ‘go hard’ in the gym every single day with some much going on which must mean they are better off going home right?


It is possible to make great progress, lose weight, get stronger and build muscle without leaving yourself in a pool of blood sweat and tears crawling off of the gym floor.



2.  Training hard every single day may achieve great short term progress but will probably lead to a disappearance in motivation or injury.

To ‘Go hard’ before going home everyday will takes its toll on a persons body. Without adequate recovery or some lighter training days factored in  (two terms not associated with the ‘go hard’ mentality) you are likely to end up resenting going to the gym or end up causing injury, both leading to a lack of long term progress.



Smart, sustainable periodised training will get the best long term results. When exercises are executed correctly at appropriate intestines great things happen. When this is repeatedly done over time and slowly progressed once safe to do so great results come. There really isn’t a need to kill yourself in the gym, you can achieve great results, walk up and down the stairs and get up unsupported off the toilet following workouts and still make progress.



If you’re feeling stuck with your training and need guidance, accountability, want to try something new or enjoy how we approach things then we would love to help you out.


Common Fitness Mistake #3 – Training once per week and expecting great results.

Todays Common Fitness Mistake is people who train once a week and expect great results.

We would absolutely love to offer a program that you could participate in once per week and achieve a great result, however we can’t, no-one can.

Quite simply training just once per week won’t get you the results you desire, especially if you’re seeking to make real, long lasting positive changes.

Note – If your goal is to simply maintain where you are at and just keep moving then 1-2x per week would be ok,

However we recommend for the best results from your time, effort and money you should aim to commit 3 hours of your week to some purposeful coach led training (5+ hours per week tends to be unsustainable and unrealistic for most which is why we stick to recommending 3 hours).

We feel thats not an unreasonable amount of time to find from a busy schedule and it will allow you to make real positive changes to your life.

From our experience of working with clients on a daily basis we see a clear correlation of training consistency and great results. Those who make 10-12 sessions per month gain so much more than those training 4-6 times per month which is why we harp on about it a lot with our members and to everyone else!

Some individuals are  always seeking new methods or new quick fixes to get the results they want but never find enough consistency and never give things enough time to get what they want from them.

There are many training methods that will work, many programmes that will get you results. None of which will be successful without some form of consistency, dedicated time and regular participation within them.


Long term consistency trumps short term intensity

If you’re feeling stuck with your training and need guidance, accountability, want to try something new or enjoy how we approach things then we would love to help you out.




I feel more and more confident about myself each day and finally enjoy clothes shopping again!

I thought that everyone was going to be extremely strong weight lifters and that I would look out of place…I was wrong.

Before joining fortitude, I hadn’t done quality exercise in years and was under the assumption that if I dieted alone then I would be able to achieve the body I wanted..My diets often only lasted a short period of time and never worked, leaving me feeling deflated!


Working shifts was a very easy excuse to believe that I didn’t have time to exercise and that naughty snacks were ok because it’s a night shift! (I’ve since learnt that they are ok…in moderation)


I decided to join fortitude because my self confidence level had dropped to an all time low..especially after seeing an off guard photo that somebody had taken of me (literal tears for days!).


My boyfriend suggested Fortitude to me and said he thought it looked like a gym that I would enjoy and feel comfortable in.


I had been seeing many posts on Facebook from Fortitude but didn’t have the confidence to turn up.

I arranged to meet with Josh and talk through the options of classes and he recommended the Strength and Conditioning class..I haven’t looked back since!

The classes are well structured and you don’t feel pressured to do something out of your ability. I was initially nervous about joining a gym on my own but the community is so so welcoming and supportive.


I have been with fortitude for just under 5 months and can see a massive difference in myself. I am much stronger than what I was 5 months ago and have a lot more drive.


I have managed to lose 1 stone in the 3 months. I have been making changes to my diet along with the exercise. (I don’t actually know what my weight was before I started Fortitude) this is all with the help of the amazing staff – Josh, Tina and Isaac and Rachel!!


Kirsty has lost a stone in the last 3 months since addressing her nutrition habits and working with Betina.


My weight training is helping me in my work role as we are often lifting heavy weights. I feel more and more confident about myself each day and finally enjoy clothes shopping again!


I’m much happier and feel much healthier. It’s true when they say that Fortitude is not like a regular gym – I’ve never enjoyed exercise but I now find myself counting down the days until my next session!


Common Fitness Mistake #2 – Participating in a form of exercise you hate

Our second common fitness mistake (if you missed #1 then click here ) is simply participating in a form of exercise you hate.


In everyday life we constantly make decisions consciously and sub consciously based on our unique preferences.



Basically we avoid things we don’t like.

We don’t eat foods we hate, we don’t use our free time doing anything we hate, we wouldn’t purchase an item of clothing to wear out that we hate so why should the form of exercise we choose participate in be any different?


We have spoken to people in the past who associate gyms as being intimidating, boring, lonely and generally unhappy places for them, so its no wonder they don’t stick at it, make progress and get the results they want.


We have also heard similar things from other forms of exercise people have partaken in, however they’ve felt a need to continue as they perceive it to be good for them.


To put it quite simply no-one will achieve amazing results participating in a form of exercise they hate, or feel they have to do because it is good for them.


Without enjoying it even just a little bit, individuals wont stick at it or be consistent enough to get the results they want, even if it is the most effective form of exercise in the world!

(Note – the best form of exercise for you is infact the one you can stick at.)


So to summarise,

  • Search until you find a form of exercise that you can see yourself doing consistently for a length of time.

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new.

  • Find a community of like minded people instead of going it alone – it’ll keep you training for a long time.

  • Stop doing things you hate. – not just in fitness but in all aspects of life. – Philosophical i know.

Common fitness mistake #1 – The program hopper

Over the next few weeks we are going to spend some time covering some common mistakes people make within their training that could be limiting the amount of progress they’re inevitably making!

The first mistake and something we have seen and experienced ourselves in the past is ‘program hopping’.

This is simply where an individual moves from program to program in search of success without ever dictating enough time or consistency into said program. Therefore failing to make any significant progress.

Some people are always in the pursuit of a perfect program/method and in searching for that they do not train with enough consistency to create a training stimulus that will give them results.

There is a famous saying by someone (no idea who) that says;

You could have in-front of you the best written program in the world, but if you cannot stick to it or implement it effectively, it becomes useless.

There are numerous ways in which you can choose to train and make good progress. There are also numerous people selling different training programmes with varying promises, some of which if adhered too for a period of time will get some respectable results, however we know not all programs out there are good (but thats a whole other topic).

We recommend finding a program that fits your goals, is fun and fits in with your unique lifestyle schedule and preferences.

We also recommend sticking to a program for at least 3 months, that way you can really see if it is productive and helping you move further to your goals.

To conclude

  • Avoid chopping and changing your training programmes too frequently, it’ll become time wasted and will halt progress

  • Give a program at least 3 months, that way you can be certain if it suits you and is getting you the results you want.

  • An average program executed well is better than a great program executed poorly, don’t overthink things, get to work.

  • Stay consistent, you cant assess whether a program is working or not if you have only completed half of it.


Educating yourself can be invaluable to helping you source a good training program and avoid finding something that will be a waste of your time, effort and money.

If you have found this useful, here are a few ways we can help!


Download our free 5 key pillars to Health and Fitness success here.


Download and watch Coach Isaac’s free seminar on how to structure your training here.

Contact us and book a free taster session to come and experience one of our training programmes here.




Does Your Gym Run Events Like This?

This last weekend we hosted our first ever Fortifest!

This was our favourite event so far and possibly our most successful.

We have run a few in house members throw-downs and will continue to do so in the future (keep your eyes peeled Fortituders for our halloween and easter specials).

We simply put on these events to create more opportunities for our guys to challenge themselves and get together for a tonne of fitness and fun!

We run events like Fortifest to simply have a tonne of fun!

Something we have always done in all of our previous events was mix everyone into random pairs.

We then conduct a live draw and simply pull names at random out of hats to decide our teams or pairings.

We do this for a few reasons;  mainly to remove any elitism, we believe everyone can and should participate in these kind of events and they shouldn’t be exclusive for the fittest athletes (they have plenty of comps etc they can pursue and enter).

Another reason behind this is to bring our community together. We have members who train in the morning only, in the evening only or only follow one of our programs, therefore providing an opportunity for them to connect and meet each-other is great and brings our community closer together.

Fortifest has been created to bring the wider fitness community together!


Fortifest was our first event open to individuals from other gyms.

We wanted to create an amazing experience, introduce new people to this kind of event and bring the wider fitness community together!

We also decided to change our usual format of mixed pairs and trial mixed teams of 4, 2 males and 2 females per team.

We sent messages out to a few of our friends that we have met from other gyms in the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud area.

Initially we were unsure if there would be much interest in this format of competition from other gyms as they wouldn’t be able to stick together. They too would be placed with people they had potentially never met (which we think is a really cool way to get to know each other).

Our unique idea was well received and we were fortunate to have individuals from Crossfit 21 Union, Crossfit BDF, Crossfit Cheltenham, Bullpen fitness and Crossfit Akela come down to have some fun with us.

They were all awesome!

Crossfit Akela in Stroud were well represented and did an amazing job


As expected a lot of people were very nervous as they came down on the day, apprehensive of what lay ahead and how the random team format would work, it turns out a lot of guys were paired with people they hadn’t ever met.

Even we were a little anxious as we wanted everything to be absolutely perfect and to create an amazing experience for everyone!

The workouts were carefully programmed for the day, we avoided any barbell movements and advanced gymnastic movements. We wanted to create something that was suitable for all abilities, especially those relatively new to this event. The last thing we wanted was for someone new to feel inadequate, incpaable and holding back their team.

We also wanted to ensure those more experienced were also challenged and left feeling as though they had, had a great day of working out.

The 4 events we picked we felt had a great mix of variety and allowed the teams to share work accordingly, while allowing those with more experience to work at an appropriate intensity.

We will continue to think very carefully into our programming for our future events to ensure we maintain this. We are determined for Fortifest to be more than just another Crossfit Throw-down event and to be inclusive to everyone.

As we have mentioned previously this isn’t an event for ‘serious athletes’.

At the end of 4 testing workouts we had a very close finish, the top 8 teams infact were super close!

But we had 3 very deserved teams end up on the podium!

Our well deserved podium athletes!

All in all we feel the day was a success!

We had an absolute blast putting on the event from start to finish and loved meeting new people and introducing them to our community.

The feedback we have had so far has been excellent and we are already thinking up ideas on how we can improve next year! (Suggestions always welcomed)

We were apprehensive of the random groupings of individuals, especially with members of other gyms coming down but it seemed to be really well received and a really powerful way to bring everyone together.

It was so nice for us as organisers seeing everyone mix together  as the day went on.

I (Josh) personally owe huge thank-yous to the following people!

Rhianon Halford – for her help organising and all her hard work throughout the day and prior to the event!


The event wouldn’t of been possible without this lady.


All Judges and volunteers – Jess, Alice, Alistair, Sammy R, Emma and Isaac, Rachel and Tyrell, we simply couldn’t do it without you guys!


Ali was our scorer for the day and saw the action unfold via excel



Judge Jess looking serious


Guano Crazy Printing for his design work and fast turnover of our event tees

Fortifest event Tees


Rocket Pwr apparel for coming down in force, setting up a stall to kit out our athletes and donating podium prizes!

Craig from Rocket Pwr apparel


Back on the bar for their kind donation of vouchers and winners tops!

Our winners in their Back on the bar tees, generously donated as prizes!

DJ Ben A for supplying great tunes all day!

DJ Ben A was on hand all day supplying great music


To Tom, Lucy, Jen and Amber for supplying tasty food and cakes!

Jens cakes went down a storm!


Cannonball coffee for supplying everyones caffeine needs!

Great, high quality coffee courtesy of these guys! Use Fortitude10 online for 10% discount.

Finally a huge thanks to Fiona Cole for all of these amazing photos! She is so so talented and all photos can be found here

View Fortifest photos here!

I am sure there are many others i have missed off!

Finally a huge thank-you to each and every one of you who came to spectate, participate and generally make it one enjoyable and proud day for myself!

Next Years Fortifest will be hosted on the 12th of September 2020 and we have Early Bird  entries open now, we can’t wait to see you all again!

Sign me up for 2020!

See you next year Fortifest, bigger and better!




Introducing Coach Cannonball

Hello I am Campbell,

I have recently finished studying at Hartpury College where I received a Triple Distinction* in a level 3 diploma in sports performance and excellence Specialising in Rugby.
During my time at Hartpury I discovered a passion for coaching and helping others to achieve their goals.
Initially I started training at Fortitude to develop my strength for rugby, I have always enjoyed training and more recently also discovered the sport of Olympic Weightlifting which i am looking to continue to pursue.
Strength training was always just to aid my rugby performance however as time has gone on it has given me so much more and now I am detemrined to help training do the same for many others.
My short term goal is to become the best coach I can be and aid as many people as I can towards their goals. I currently study under Gregg Slater at LTB Training where i am completing my level 3 qualification. The information I am learning has been invaluable in my progression as a coach and is allowing me to provide the best service i can.
I am most excited to continue running my  recently started beginners course and help show as many people as possible that strength training is the best way for individuals to to train  to achieve their goals and help set people up for success on their journey.
I am excited to be joining a team of passionate coaches and am excited to see Fortitude grow and be apart of that.
I am looking too bring some much needed youth and charisma to the Fortitude team….

Week Commencing 5/08/2019



Every 2:00 x8

12/8 cals

4-8 Strict Pull-ups

1 Power Clean – building


EMOM x12

1- 45s Rope Clmib/Kipping Pull-up work

2- 16 OH Plate Lunges

3- 60s max cals

4- rest

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Back Squat x 10 / DB Bent Over Row x10

Block B

Push Press x10 / Monster Walks x45s

Block C

Step ups x 8 EL / Pull ups x10 / Plank Rocks x30


10 minute AMRAP

15 Plate GTOH

12 Hanging Knee Raises

9 Cals

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch balance – light = speed 6s 3r

85% Hang snatch 5s x 2s

75/80% Clean 4s x 3r

85% Clean dead 4s x 3r

85% Pause back squats first 2 reps 5s x 3r

3 rds

Barbell upright row  x5

Bent Hollow Hold x60s



EMOM x10

1 4-10 Strict HSPU

2- 8 Db Bent over rows


AMRAP in 20 minutes

18 Wall Balls

18 Kettlebell Swings 32/24

18 Burpees

400m run

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Bench press x10 /w Seated banded row x15

Block B

Barbell Reverse Lunge x10 EL / YTW x 5 Each

Block C

SA DB Row x10 EA Banded Bridges x20 Lying Leg raise x6


90s on 30s off

Cals, 5+5 down ups + Plate GTOH





400m Run

5 Heavy Dball to shoulder

15 Overhead Squats 40/30

15 Cals

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Sumo Deadlift x10 / Banded Facepulls x12

Block B

Strict Press x10 / DB RDL x10

Block C

Pull ups x10/ Deadbugs x20/ KBS x10


10 minute AMRAP

Sled push x2L

Cals x15

Tuck ups x10



1-1-1-1-1 Front Squat (test)


Pairs – 90s on 60s off x 3 of each

A- Dball to shoulder rep for rep

B -10 Synchro DB snatches + Max Syncrho Down Ups

C – 16 Pull-ups + Max Synchro DB Front Squats

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Double KB Front Squat x10 / Push up x10

Block B

Floor Press x 10 / KB pullover x12

Block C

Ring row x15 Bent Hollow Hold x45s Monster Walks x45s


Pairs 7 minutes

30 Cal Check in,

30 Synchro Plate GTOH

20 Down Ups

200m run together

Team Fortitude Barbell

Muscle snatch 4s x 3r

80/85% Snatch deadlift + Snatch 4s x 2r

80% Hang power clean 4s x 2r

80% Jerks 5s x 2r


80% Good mornings 6s x5r

Bent over row 6s x5r



3×10 min AMRAPS /w 3 mins between sets



10 DB Front Squats

75 Double Unders

15 Cals


15 Russian KBS 32/24

15 Tuck Ups

200m Run


10 Power Clean and Jerk

15 Wall Balls

100m Dball Carry

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Deadlift x 10 / Curl ups x5 ES

Block B

Bench Press x 10 /Banded Bridges x20

Block C

Db Chest Supported Row x 10 / Split squat x 10 EL / Lying Knee Raises x6


Coaches pick


Team Fortitude barbell

Muscle Snatch 3×3 -50-60%

85- 95% Hang snatch 5s x 2r

80% Clean 5s 2r

85- 95% Clean dead 5s 2r

85- 95% Pause back squats first 2 reps 5s 2r

3 rds

DB Strict press x10

Banded Bridges x20

Team Wod

Teams of 4

Part A

100 Cal Ski (1 work 3 rest) then 3r 40 TTB (2 work 2 rest but not synchro) 20 KBS (2 work 2 rest)  20 Synchro Down ups (all work)

Part B

160 Cal row Row (1 work 3 rest) then 4 rounds 12 Synchro Dball to shoulder (2 work 2 rest) 20 Synchro Sit-ups (all 4 synchro)

Part C

1km Run together  then 4r  40 Worm Squats 200m Worm Carry/Run


Falling back in love with fitness

I joined Crossfit a couple of years ago with Josh and Tina, at the time I was a student and I wasn’t sure I would be able to afford it.

However, in the words of Josh Telling “Once you start, you’ll find the money” – and he was right! Damn it!

Crossfit and Weightlifting very quickly became a hobby instead of a chore to just “look more toned”. I wanted to be stronger and learn all the new skills that came with the sport.

Fast forward two years of getting stronger, fitter and enjoying my training.. I became a Registered Nurse. Life got very busy and I lost the time and motivation to keep it up alongside buying my first house. As a result, I dropped down to open gym (which after doing classes with all the people that are now my close friends.. SUCKED).

I ended up not training for about six months. It was very evident that the class environment that Fortitude provides was an important aspect to keep me turning up.

Following the six month period of non-existent training, I signed back up to classes! Yay!

However, it wasn’t as easy as that. Being a nurse is hard emotionally, mentally and physically and the 14 hour shift work with earlies, lates and nights in the same week didn’t compliment my training well and I lost my love for training. So, gym remained inconsistent for another 8 months from restarting classes.

In October 2018 I got a new job in Medical Devices, therefore giving me back my evenings and weekends along with a routine (Big shout out to Timmy B for his help and support).

With that in mind, on 1st of January 2019 I decided my New Years resolution was to get back into the sport that I loved so much and now I had no excuse right?! I wanted to get back to being strong and fit and most importantly – enjoying it again.

After my training was practically non-existent and at best inconsistent for nearly two years, it suddenly affected my mental health too which is another reason I wanted to get back into it.

Seven months on from my New Years resolution and I am loving it again!

Since the 1st of January 2019, I have attended three or four Fortifit sessions a week without fail.

Despite nearly crying after taking this first photo in January, it really revealed to me how much of my progress I had lost in that time. This was a huge motivator for me.

Katie B’s transformation is something we are super proud of!

These pictures were taken after six months and 8 months. It revealed to me how far I had really come in such a short space of time. I didn’t think my body had changed much at all.

My body shape however isn’t the sole reason I train. The picture was taken as a good indication of my progress and that is all – women tend to be very fixated on training for appearance and forget about all the other positive aspects training brings to our lives. To me, getting a 70kg clean and jerk was a more important goal than getting abs – the improvement in my physical appearance has come as a welcomed bonus.

My training has been predominantly focused on lifting weights, which is also something that a lot of women have a warped view about.

You hear the “but you will get bulky” or “you will look manly” which to me is absurd. My progress is purely down to lifting weights, conditioning and eating a well-balanced diet.

Cutting WAY down on refined sugars (I used to have A LOT). Also, cutting out dairy pretty much completely in January to help clear my skin and stop the insane bloating.

Depsite these changes, I am currently the heaviest I’ve ever been.

In the first picture I was 55kg and now I am 59kg. Which shows watching those scales isn’t always the best idea – hence my choice to use photos this time around.


55kg-59kg bodyweight

Lastly, all this would not have been possible without the coaching, education and support by these three amazing people.. Josh, Tina and Isaac.

To you guys i am forever grateful.

Week commencing 29/07/19



Every 2 minutes x6

3 Snatches


12 Push Ups



10 OHS 50/35

50 Double Unders

12 Cals

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Back Squat x 12 / DB Bent Over Row x12

Block B

Push Press x12 / Monster Walks x45s

Block C

Step ups x 8 EL / Pull ups x10 / Plank Rocks x30


10 minute AMRAP

200m run/10 cals

20 Slams

15 Empty Bar thrusters

Team Fortitude Barbell

Muscle snatch 6s x 4r 80%

Snatch dead 6s x 4r

80% Hang power clean 5s x 2r

80% Jerks 80% 3r x 3s

Good mornings 6s x5r

Bent over row 6s x5r

1.30 rest between each set



EMOM x10

1- Strict Pull-ups x4-8

2- DB Bench Press x8



800m run

15 Hang Power Cleans 50/35

12 Pull-ups/8 CTB

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Bench press x12 /w Seated banded row x15

Block B

Barbell Reverse Lunge x10 EL / YTW x 5 Each

Block C

SA DB Row x10 EA Banded Bridges x20 Pallof Press x10 ES


60s on 20s off Cals, Down ups, KB Swings




2RFT For Time

30 Cals

30 DB Snatches

30 Toes-to-Bars

30 Deadlifts 85/60

30 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20 in)

30 Double Unders

100m Farmers Carry

200m Run

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Sumo Deadlift x12 / Banded Facepulls x12

Block B

Strict Press x12 / DB RDL x12

Block C

Pull ups x12/ Deadbugs x20/ KBS x10


10 minute AMRAP

Sled push x2L

Striaght Arm hold x40s

Cals x12



Ascending reps 12 minutes

1,2,3,4 ,2,4,6,8 ,3,6,9,12… Dball to shoulder, Strict Pull-ups, DB STOH, Tuck Ups


‘Sam’ AMRAP in 12 minutes

6 Power Cleans 60/42.5

22 Sit-Ups

10 Pull-Ups

16 Wall Ball Shots

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Double KB Front Squat x12 / Push up x12

Block B

Floor Press x 12 / KB pullover x12

Block C

Dball to shoulder technique and practice then


3-5 Dball to shoulder


Pairs 7 minutes

10 Synchro Down ups

15 synchro KBS

200m run together

Team Fortitude Barbell

Muscle snatch 6s x 4r 80%

Snatch dead 6s x 4r 80%

Hang power clean 5s x 2r 80%

Jerks 80% 3r x 3s

Good mornings 6s x5r

Bent over row 6s x5r

1.30 rest between each set



BMU/Kipping Skill work


‘Dorie’ AMRAP (with a Partner) in 20 minutes

Buy In: 200m Dball Carry (each)

Then, in time remaining:

Partner A completes 1 round of:

15 Kettlebell Swings 24/16 10 Burpees 5 Ground-to-Overheads (40/30)

Partner B performs: Max Wall Balls Partners rotate each round until team completes 150 Wall Balls

Then, in time remaining:

AMRAP of the 15/10/5 rep rounds above (one partner working at a time)

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Deadlift x 12 / Curl ups x5 ES

Block B

Bench Press x 12 /Banded Bridges x20

Block C

Db Chest Supported Row x 12 / Split squat x 12 EL / Lying Knee Raises x6


Coaches pick

Saturday Fortifest