We run a variety of different programmes that offer something for everyone.

Fortitude Fit 30 – Your opportunity to fall in love with fitness and become part of the fastest growing and supportive community within the Forest of Dean! Your introduction to Fortitude and our introduction to you – meaning we can get to know you better and you can get to know which sessions are best for you.

Barbell – Our Olympic Weightlifting and general strength programme. Focus on weightlifting as a sport and it’s specific skill set.

Fortifit – A group Strength and Conditioning class incorporating multi-modal fitness elements required in the Sport Of Fitness, including Olympic Weightlifting, general strength development, gymnastic skills and strength movements.

Strength and Conditioning – Our most popular program! A  more progressive strength and Conditioning program designed to make people look, move, feel and perform better. The beauty of our S+C program is we can meet you where you are at no matter what your previous experience.


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