What, you still go to the gym or are exercising now you’re pregnant?!

I hear so many people say “its not good for the baby training while pregnant” or “you should enjoy putting your feet up and eating whatever you like”. In our opinion this is crazy as there are soooo many benefits of training throughout pregnancy. So here are a few: 1 – You’re likely to gainContinue reading “What, you still go to the gym or are exercising now you’re pregnant?!”

My First 30 days – New Home, New Gym, New Friends.

Regardless if you’re a first timer or a hard-core lifting expert, egos are left at the door. I have always been into fitness, for 10 years I swam competitively and since I gave that up, I felt a bit lost. So, when I moved to Bristol for Uni, I got a PT and got reallyContinue reading “My First 30 days – New Home, New Gym, New Friends.”

The 10 Commandments of Fortitude

At Fortitude we are all about community and creating positive exercise experiences for our members. We want to work with people who share our values and beliefs as we strive to create a supportive and inclusive fitness community. So we collectively as coaches have sat down and spent some time coming up with 10 commandmentsContinue reading “The 10 Commandments of Fortitude”

Pre and Post Natal Coaching At Fortitude!

Hey, I just want to give you  guys a little insight of why I am passionate about helping ladies though the  most magical time of their lives.  I am a mum of three beautiful girls and I experienced three very different pregnancies, labours and very different post natal experiences. My first two girls were dreamContinue reading “Pre and Post Natal Coaching At Fortitude!”

Weightloss vs health?

Dieting and being healthy are often lumped in together. They are inextricably linked, often we find the healthiest food options may not be the best weight loss food solution and certain weight loss solutions (bites tongue hard) may not be the healthiest options. So where is the middle ground? Well, that is all about yourContinue reading “Weightloss vs health?”

The Reality of Weight Loss – A members story

I joined Fortitude in September 2018 with the aim of getting fit and healthy; starting at 108.4kg, weight loss was part of the plan. I’d tried several diets over the years, but kept putting the weight back on.   In the last 8 months I’ve managed to lose nearly 20kg; I feel amazing and reallyContinue reading “The Reality of Weight Loss – A members story”

My First 30 Days

It was refreshing to join a community where girls are encouraged to do weights and where nobody is judged on ability or clothing.   I have always been an active individual and prior to joining Fortitude I was regularly going to commercial gyms. In the gyms I went to, help wasn’t always on hand forContinue reading “My First 30 Days”