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Who are Fortitude?


Who are we?

Established in 2017, we are a fitness community who simply come together to look, feel, move and perform better while having as much fun as possible.

We train in small groups and provide a number of different programmes that allow us to meet you where you are at, no matter what goal you have.

Our mission?

Our mission is to change the perception, remove intimidation and improve the quality of the gym going experience for everyone we come into contact with.

Gyms are perceived as scary places that are just for ‘fit people’. We get this and have built our community around removing these stereotypes.

We aim to do this by providing a welcoming, supportive environment where no-one is judged and everyone is made to feel important and cared for.

Our second aim is to have a positive impact on everyone who makes a decision to come and work with us.

Imagine participating in a fitness programme where all you need to do is simply show up, everyone knows your name and you’re in a place where you get to work with coaches who have a genuine interest in what you do, who you are and where you want to go.

We simply have a desire to be the best part of your day.

What we do?

We believe in a logical, simple and effective approach to training.

We are big proponents of Strength based training as it simply has the power to improve all aspects of anyones life, way beyond just physical appearance.

Physically – by allowing individuals to continue doing things that they love, and performing everyday tasks comfortably, for a long long time.

Also mentally, by empowering people and providing a great sense of achievement and purpose within individuals. As well as improving self confidence and self esteem within individuals