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“I started 13 weeks ago and my goal was to get in shape for holiday, help me physically for golf and of course to generally feel a lot healthier.

I’ve trained for various goals before, but always became bored with the same old routine. Since having the coach support this has really helped to keep me motivated and on-track. It has given me confidence with exercises I never liked doing, but now I love them!

For me the important thing was that I didn’t want a really strict diet! I wanted to still enjoyed things we all like, alcohol, crisps or sweets! If I wanted them i had them (in moderation) and having the confidence that I was just making choices and being active regularly didn’t give me cause to feel guilty.

It was really important for me not to turn my life into one big diet. It’s been said before it’s a lifestyle choice so you can enjoy the things you want to enjoy and feel good about yourself.

As long as you stay committed to your goal, the support from Fortitude is the perfect catalyst for achieving it!”

Will Colthart




“For me, my mindset has become a lot more flexible.

I always thought that adherence was about avoiding all treat foods or subbing them out for lower calorie options, and hitting the gym for as many days as I can.

But it’s so much more about learning to live my life in a more sustainable way.

So yeah, now when I want pizza I just share with my boyfriend. I go for regular walks because it’s going to increase my energy expenditure more than a session lifting weights. I take the stairs because I have legs that work so why the heck wouldn’t I? I try not to stress about losing weight because it is just going to be the by-product of me being more present and active in my own life.

Thank you so much for the training and guidance you’ve given over the past few months. You put so much effort in and its extremely appreciated.

I’m really looking forward to everything we can achieve in the future!”

Beth Brown



“These pictures were taken after six months and 8 months. It revealed to me how far I had really come in such a short space of time. I didn’t think my body had changed much at all.

My body shape however isn’t the sole reason I train. The picture was taken as a good indication of my progress and that is all – women tend to be very fixated on training for appearance and forget about all the other positive aspects training brings to our lives.

To me, getting seriously strong was a more important goal than getting abs – the improvement in my physical appearance has come as a welcomed bonus.

All this would not have been possible without the coaching, education and support from Fortitude Coaching Team.

To you I am forever grateful.”

Kate Bullock


Yes I Want To Book My First Class Now!

Yes I Want To Join The Fortitude Facebook Group Now!

Yes I Want To Join the Fortitude Education Facebook Group Now!

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