Why 2020 should be the year you forget quick fixes and invest in your long term health

January is here, we have overindulged (i say we because i know i have and I’m assuming you’re taking time to read this as you have also). We are feeling pretty sluggish and generally not too good about ourselves. The new year is here and we see it as the perfect time to make some changes.

Motivation is high!

We are in the business of helping people and we pride ourselves on our work.

We are proud of the community we create by bringing people together through fitness and the truly life changing experience that people have when they immerse themselves within it.

Over the last 3 years (and many years before that) we have learnt a few things, we have helped a few people, we have grown as coaches (in numerous ways) and we have created something that is much bigger than ourselves. 

We dedicate our lives to helping people improve theirs and wanted to share a few thoughts on our experiences and why 2020 should be a year where you end your obsession with quick fixes and focus on investing in your long term health.

So what do we mean by that statement?

January is here, we have overindulged (i say we because i know i have and I’m assuming you’re taking time to read this as you have also). We are feeling pretty sluggish and generally not too good about ourselves. The new year is here and we see it as the perfect time to make some changes.

Motivation is high!

However what can happen is we get dragged in by these false promises of results in 10 days, 14 days-30 days with no hint of sustainability. 

They promise the world in such a short space of time and actually when these quick fixes/challenges/programmes are followed, will provide decent results for individuals.

But what happens after? 

Where are the people that take up said challenges or choose a supplement plan or company in 1-2-3 years?

Where are you now after finishing ‘x’ diet or challenge?

Probably still investing money or considering in investing into these same type of products. – ‘SIGH’

So why are we so passionate about this?

Because we’ve been there.

2 years ago we ran a Biggest Loser Challenge thinking we’d be different to these normal challenges and weight loss programmes. We talked about sustainable dieting, calorie control, non restrictive dieting and much more and made education a priority.

The guys in the program trained with us alongside being super adherent with their nutrition and they made a huge effort to be more active – increasing their daily step counts ten fold.

Sh*t, we had some amazing results!

The group was amazing and we loved having such an impact on people and kick starting them on their journey.


If we go back through these individuals, where are they now?

How many have sustained their results?

Fortunately some have (which can be quite rare in these programmes so we are proud of that) some still train with us multiple times a week which is awesome!

But most? As soon as the accountability disappeared, over time they unfortunately regressed. 

Thats not cool and goes against everything we preach on sustainable dieting/training.

Don’t get us wrong we aren’t against people achieving great results in short time periods, but we want to know they have things in place that means they can sustain their hard work.

It’s no secret that most those who haven’t regressed are the ones who carried on training with us.

We want people to be healthy for life not just post Christmas. 

Which is the sole reason as to why we haven’t ran one since.   

Invest in your health

So what do we mean when talking about investing in your long term health?

What other options are there apart from these quick fixes?

Simple – Surround yourself with a community of like minded people who share similar values to your own and are supportive of your goals because even people closest to you may not be. 

People help make people better – FACT

One other thing to do is to commit to some form of muscle building exercise 2-3 times per week.

Everyone wants to lose weight and idolises a certain physique and uses the classic cliche ‘i need to look like this in 2020’. 

Nowadays most of these physiques are more athletic looking with muscle tone. 

Yet individuals are going on these diets but not participating in any form of training?

Strength raining alone has been shown to not be amazing for weight loss

Just dieting alone isn’t that great either 

Strength training and dieting together have been proving king (or queen) when it comes to long term sustainable success – which is why we preach the crap out of it.

Strength training also brings us many under appreciated benefits that go far beyond just losing weight but allow us to live longer more fulfilling, happier stress free lives.

It’s truly life changing stuff.

Unfortunately most (certainly not all) of us are motivated to make changes due to the way we look, however we should really care about the state of our health as we start to get older, our ability to perform daily tasks is taken for granted but requires us to be mobile and strong. 

To summarise this New years ramble.

  • Forget fads – they’ll satisfy your short term needs but its unlikely they’ll be sustained without continued support and accountability to someone. They’ll also empty your wallets – not cool.


  • Losing weight is great and i am not the biggest hater of fast results (it keeps people highly motivated) however there needs to be a clear long term strategy and an end point  where weight maintenance is achieved. 


  • Invest in your health – you get one chance at this whole life thing – make the most out of it. Invest 2-3 hours of time and the price of a cup of coffee a day in living a better quality and pain free existence. It genuinely saddens me seeing people struggle with daily tasks or become unable to do the things they love because they didn’t invest some time into themselves and participate or value the importance of muscle strengthening exercise. Its entirely preventable and its never too late to do something. One of the most rewarding things we do is work with people with limitations improve their quality of life through strength training.


  • Strength training and Dieting is king for long term weight-loss success – make this your resolution and don’t believe what the fad dieter will try and tell you.


  • Find a community of people who support your goals. Doing things alone is hard! Trust me i have been there, tried that and failed, miserably. I wouldn’t be the person i am today without the people i have around me.

The New Year is a great time to hit refresh and we would love to see people make it a successful one, one where they don’t end up in the same position next year. 

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