My First 30 days – New Home, New Gym, New Friends.

Regardless if you’re a first timer or a hard-core lifting expert, egos are left at the door.

I have always been into fitness, for 10 years I swam competitively and since I gave that up, I felt a bit lost. So, when I moved to Bristol for Uni, I got a PT and got really into regular training at the gym.

I outgrew this and decided to do it alone and joined a weightlifting specific gym in central Bristol which I thoroughly enjoyed. I then moved to a new house and so moved gyms, signed up to a half ironman, trained hard for that and then and lost motivation slightly since.

I never really got back into a rhythm or found a gym with a community that kept me going as regularly or pushed me as hard as I wanted. It’s always hard to stay motivated when results plateau and that’s when you need other factors to keep you at it! I have always fancied CrossFit style of training, but in Bristol it was ridiculously expensive and so I never got involved and stuck to the big chain gyms.

Before moving to Lydney I researched local gyms and loved the ethos and community feel about Fortitude. I was chatting to the team on messenger and they were really lovely and helpful so when I moved, I thought I’d give it a go!

I signed up to a 30-day trial with Fortitude to get my love for training and my routine back, I loved the fact I could do S&C, Barbell and Fortifit, Whether I had done any before or not!

I have really enjoyed my first 30 days at fortitude, I am new to the area so have met lots of new people, and the positive vibes that come from everybody is awesome! Regardless if you’re a first timer or a hard-core lifting expert, egos are left at the door.

It took a couple of weeks to get back into it, but I seem to have got into a rhythm with S&C and have started moving my weights up and gaining in confidence again. I am now looking to venture to some Fortifit classes and Barbell too. I also (stupidly, but with absolutely no regrets) signed up to their Halloween Throwdown and loved a day of gruelling pain, but mostly fun.


Again, a great way to meet people and its my kind of socialising! I Look forward to more events and variety of classes with the community in the near future.

I have predominantly been going to S&C and have started on a Bronze 3 day/week membership. I have been reminding my muscles of the moves, re-honing previous gym experience and building confidence. Now I am beginning to push my weights back up again which is a really good feeling. When I train without supervision, I tend to not push myself as much as I know I can and can be scared of failing.

With the coaches and others about I know they will help me push my limits and I will start seeing results. I also now look forward to more of this, but also introducing a variety of classes such as Fortifit, Barbell and trying some Team WODs. I’ll be upping my membership to Silver meaning I can experience unlimited fun!

I have always been into fitness, so I don’t know any different, and when I don’t train it really affects my mood and general wellbeing both mentally and physically. Getting back into a routine I always notice a difference in attitude and general productiveness to life. I am hoping to start seeing physical benefits and results again too as by-product of this. As my training begins to increase in capacity and get into a steady routine, I can then start making some changes to diet and other lifestyle choices to push this further again. I’d like to get back to where I was, but then that’s what everyone says! So, instead I’m looking forward to embarking on this new journey and seeing where it can take me!


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