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Hey, I just want to give you  guys a little insight of why I am passionate about helping ladies though the  most magical time of their lives. 

I am a mum of three beautiful girls and I experienced three very different pregnancies, labours and very different post natal experiences.

My first two girls were dream pregnancies, i didn’t have to wait long to be pregnant and carried them with no health issues. 

I did put 4 stone on with both pregnancies however, kidding myself it was ok to eat for two!! I was lucky enough not to have drawn out labours, my first child was  six hours start to finish, but given that I was pushing for an hour and a half,  feeling out of breath it was exhausting! 

My second daughter would of made an appearance  within 3 hours but unfortunately she got in a little trouble and I ended up needing an emergency c -section. I felt like I failed my baby and family and then suffered with a lot of postnatal depression. I Couldn’t move without being sore and in pain and I felt totally lost at not being able to look after my new born baby and my 3 year old. I would hide mostly at my house or my mums but fortunately lots of family and friends supported me though this terrible time.

After few years trying to find my feet  and getting used to having two tiny people, I was still desperate to have another baby.  After months of persuading my husband, he finally agreed. It wouldn’t take long like the others I thought, but after years of trying I needed to get help! 

One of my worst moments was when doctors told me i needed to lose weight before they would investigate why I couldn’t conceive, as if I didn’t feel useless already. I decided to look at gyms and was recommended to speak to a  (then young) coach named Josh.

After our chat about my desire to lose weight to aid my goal of getting pregnant again I started strength training twice per week. It wasn’t long until my training was less about getting pregnant but about feeling healthy and happy in myself.

I achieved the target weight I needed for the doctors to do some tests. I carried on  doing my training sessions and I was due to see a specialist to start  investigating as to why i couldn’t get pregnant.

I was over the moon and a little shocked to say the least to find out I was already pregnant!!!! 

Loving the feeling of how Strength training had made me feel, I was determined to carry on training throughout my pregnancy, even to the day I went into labour I was due to attend a training session (lucky Josh)!  

Training throughout my pregnancy left me feeling better mentally, it gave me more energy throughout the day and i only put on 2 stone (win) and still had muscle tone. I was over the moon at this! 

My third labour was 5 hours long but i felt more in control of my body, less out of breath and had more stamina through my labour. 

Not only did I feel the benefits in labour but my post labour experience was so much better. I returned to gentle and specific training 10 days post pregnancy with not much weight to get off and having the mental release  I needed. I feel it was so important taking some time for myself and giving my body the best chance to recover from the miracle of giving birth to a little person !

I was able to get back to my normal gym sessions, much quicker as I was still used to it. I myself underestimated the value of strength training, until I experienced and felt the benefits myself.

Things have definitely changed for me, my whole time pregnant has been a journey of self discovery.

I am now a level 2 weightlifting coach and have found a real passion to help others achieve their goals within the fitness industry.

This has given me the drive to learn and develop as a coach. My two passions are Olympic Weightlifting and the amazing changes us women experience, creating, carrying and loving our new body after our tiny people enter the world.

These are my reason’s why I am currently doing my Pre and Postnatal Coaching certification with Girls Gone Strong, recognised as the industries leading pre and post natal training program.


I am looking to work with 4 ladies who want to give their babies the best start and the safest home for nine months, while keeping your bodies strong to be the warrior queens we are!!!!

My mission is to help as many women as possible have the safest and easiest pre and post pregnancies of their lives. 


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