Combat Winter Weight Gain

The nights closing in and the darker mornings over the last few weeks got me to thinking about that ol’ winter weigh gain and how for some it feels like it’s like it’s just part of the colder, darker months of our year.

We’ve found there’s 3 things that cause people Problems during the winter months.

1- Comfort Eating.

Eating far more calories than we need.

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2- Becoming less active 

Cold weather makes us feel like we want to hibernate.

This can create a negative loop – being inactive and over eating can leave you feeling so sluggish you carry that on until things start to get out of control.

3- Mindset.

Convincing yourself you don’t care about number 1 & giving up on number 2 will sabotage your plans to have a happier, healthier winter.

Winter weight gain isn’t something that just happens when the season changes.

It’s the few months of over eating, under NEATing that gets our weight creeping up.

However we do seem to just accept it as part of what happens during the colder months.


It doesn’t have to be that way.

What are our 3 tips for combatting winter weight gain?

1- Revaluate your energy in V’s energy out.

 Activity levels change with the seasons during the spring and summer months we tend to more active and burn more calories but bad weather and less daylight tend to make us retreat to the sofa, take stock of how active you are really going to be during autumn/ winter and be honest with yourself!

Eat less if your activity level is going to wain during the winter period, or if you know you’re going to be eating more than normal then work hard to keep that activity level elevated, add in more fitness and stay active.

Which ever works best for you…

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2- Do something different.

Instead of meeting friends or family for food ,plan to do some fun activities! – go for a walk, swim or plan to do some fitness together, food can always be number two on the list of priorities when you get together.

If you’re feeling a little bit flat a lot of the time exercise or some fun activities can have the positive effect helping you to feel a little more energised.

The opposite if what you’d think right?

3- Don’t give up.

There will still be ups and downs, the most important thing is remaining consistent.

Avoiding falling  into that F#*k it all eating behaviour can be hard when we find our selves surrounded by super sexy food!

Delicious, processed, or comfort food is great and all but it’s not so good if it makes you unhappy with your body.

Being a little more mindful of portion sizes can help keep things from escalating.

With a little practice we can still achieve our goals, stay healthy and socialise too.

It’s not impossible, it takes practice.

If you’re feeling stuck with what to do or are seeking some accountability to stave off any winter weight gain, feel free to contact us today and see how we can help!

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