I feel more and more confident about myself each day and finally enjoy clothes shopping again!

I thought that everyone was going to be extremely strong weight lifters and that I would look out of place…I was wrong.

Before joining fortitude, I hadn’t done quality exercise in years and was under the assumption that if I dieted alone then I would be able to achieve the body I wanted..My diets often only lasted a short period of time and never worked, leaving me feeling deflated!


Working shifts was a very easy excuse to believe that I didn’t have time to exercise and that naughty snacks were ok because it’s a night shift! (I’ve since learnt that they are ok…in moderation)


I decided to join fortitude because my self confidence level had dropped to an all time low..especially after seeing an off guard photo that somebody had taken of me (literal tears for days!).


My boyfriend suggested Fortitude to me and said he thought it looked like a gym that I would enjoy and feel comfortable in.


I had been seeing many posts on Facebook from Fortitude but didn’t have the confidence to turn up.

I arranged to meet with Josh and talk through the options of classes and he recommended the Strength and Conditioning class..I haven’t looked back since!

The classes are well structured and you don’t feel pressured to do something out of your ability. I was initially nervous about joining a gym on my own but the community is so so welcoming and supportive.


I have been with fortitude for just under 5 months and can see a massive difference in myself. I am much stronger than what I was 5 months ago and have a lot more drive.


I have managed to lose 1 stone in the 3 months. I have been making changes to my diet along with the exercise. (I don’t actually know what my weight was before I started Fortitude) this is all with the help of the amazing staff – Josh, Tina and Isaac and Rachel!!


Kirsty has lost a stone in the last 3 months since addressing her nutrition habits and working with Betina.


My weight training is helping me in my work role as we are often lifting heavy weights. I feel more and more confident about myself each day and finally enjoy clothes shopping again!


I’m much happier and feel much healthier. It’s true when they say that Fortitude is not like a regular gym – I’ve never enjoyed exercise but I now find myself counting down the days until my next session!


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