Common Fitness Mistake #2 – Participating in a form of exercise you hate

Our second common fitness mistake (if you missed #1 then click here ) is simply participating in a form of exercise you hate.


In everyday life we constantly make decisions consciously and sub consciously based on our unique preferences.



Basically we avoid things we don’t like.

We don’t eat foods we hate, we don’t use our free time doing anything we hate, we wouldn’t purchase an item of clothing to wear out that we hate so why should the form of exercise we choose participate in be any different?


We have spoken to people in the past who associate gyms as being intimidating, boring, lonely and generally unhappy places for them, so its no wonder they don’t stick at it, make progress and get the results they want.


We have also heard similar things from other forms of exercise people have partaken in, however they’ve felt a need to continue as they perceive it to be good for them.


To put it quite simply no-one will achieve amazing results participating in a form of exercise they hate, or feel they have to do because it is good for them.


Without enjoying it even just a little bit, individuals wont stick at it or be consistent enough to get the results they want, even if it is the most effective form of exercise in the world!

(Note – the best form of exercise for you is infact the one you can stick at.)


So to summarise,

  • Search until you find a form of exercise that you can see yourself doing consistently for a length of time.

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new.

  • Find a community of like minded people instead of going it alone – it’ll keep you training for a long time.

  • Stop doing things you hate. – not just in fitness but in all aspects of life. – Philosophical i know.

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