Common fitness mistake #1 – The program hopper

Over the next few weeks we are going to spend some time covering some common mistakes people make within their training that could be limiting the amount of progress they’re inevitably making!

The first mistake and something we have seen and experienced ourselves in the past is ‘program hopping’.

This is simply where an individual moves from program to program in search of success without ever dictating enough time or consistency into said program. Therefore failing to make any significant progress.

Some people are always in the pursuit of a perfect program/method and in searching for that they do not train with enough consistency to create a training stimulus that will give them results.

There is a famous saying by someone (no idea who) that says;

You could have in-front of you the best written program in the world, but if you cannot stick to it or implement it effectively, it becomes useless.

There are numerous ways in which you can choose to train and make good progress. There are also numerous people selling different training programmes with varying promises, some of which if adhered too for a period of time will get some respectable results, however we know not all programs out there are good (but thats a whole other topic).

We recommend finding a program that fits your goals, is fun and fits in with your unique lifestyle schedule and preferences.

We also recommend sticking to a program for at least 3 months, that way you can really see if it is productive and helping you move further to your goals.

To conclude

  • Avoid chopping and changing your training programmes too frequently, it’ll become time wasted and will halt progress

  • Give a program at least 3 months, that way you can be certain if it suits you and is getting you the results you want.

  • An average program executed well is better than a great program executed poorly, don’t overthink things, get to work.

  • Stay consistent, you cant assess whether a program is working or not if you have only completed half of it.


Educating yourself can be invaluable to helping you source a good training program and avoid finding something that will be a waste of your time, effort and money.

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