Introducing Coach Cannonball

Hello I am Campbell,

I have recently finished studying at Hartpury College where I received a Triple Distinction* in a level 3 diploma in sports performance and excellence Specialising in Rugby.
During my time at Hartpury I discovered a passion for coaching and helping others to achieve their goals.
Initially I started training at Fortitude to develop my strength for rugby, I have always enjoyed training and more recently also discovered the sport of Olympic Weightlifting which i am looking to continue to pursue.
Strength training was always just to aid my rugby performance however as time has gone on it has given me so much more and now I am detemrined to help training do the same for many others.
My short term goal is to become the best coach I can be and aid as many people as I can towards their goals. I currently study under Gregg Slater at LTB Training where i am completing my level 3 qualification. The information I am learning has been invaluable in my progression as a coach and is allowing me to provide the best service i can.
I am most excited to continue running my  recently started beginners course and help show as many people as possible that strength training is the best way for individuals to to train  to achieve their goals and help set people up for success on their journey.
I am excited to be joining a team of passionate coaches and am excited to see Fortitude grow and be apart of that.
I am looking too bring some much needed youth and charisma to the Fortitude team….

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  1. Congratulations Campbell, a great addition to the fortitude training team, looking forward to watching you progress as a coach, and helping the rest of us reach our fitness goals ( although in my case you might find the goals a bit flexible 😊) well done x

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