5 Reasons you’re not making progress.

1 – You aren’t consistent with your training. 

Are you making 2-4 hours a week, every single week?

Consistency breeds success.

The guys who get the best results from their training are the ones who show up not just once or twice, but consistently, every single week.

Inconsistency kills progress so find something you love and make time for it to ensure you get the results you want.

2 – You aren’t following anything structured.

How can you expect results if you are doing the same thing over and over or doing a random mixture of things every time you go to the gym?

Variety keeps things fun and can be important to keep training fun long term but some simple structuring of your training can go a long way to ensuring you continually make progress instead of doing something different every time you train pick a few exercises and continually perform them every week, increasing volume, load, or reps to ensure progress is made.

3 – You’re not eating properly.

Dependent on your goal, you could be consuming to many calories if you’re aiming to lose weight, likewise too few if you’re trying to gain weight.

Another common thing we see is individuals not consuming enough protein to support their strength goals. 

1.5-2.2g per KG of Bodyweight should be adhered to as a rough guide for anyone wanting to make serious progress. 

4 – You don’t have anyone to be accountable to.

A support network and having people to be accountable to is proven to be more successful long term. 

People help people be better.

We find individuals remain more motivated to turn up when they have the accountability of a coach or a group (or both). This leads to greater consistency and greater results. Plus it removes any second guessing as their sessions are organised and structured in a way that they will always be making progress. (Win win).

5 – You’re not enjoying your training.

If you’re forcing yourself to exercise because you think you have to, as opposed to wanting to because you’re participating in a form of fitness you enjoy, you are much less likely to stick at it. This will therefore lead to a lack of progress even if you perceive it to be good for you.

Experiment with different forms of exercise and you’ll eventually find something you love.

We promise there is something out there for everyone.

Yes strength training is the best, yes we are bias and no we won’t compromise on that opinion.

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