My First 30 Days

It was refreshing to join a community where girls are encouraged to do weights and where nobody is judged on ability or clothing.


I have always been an active individual and prior to joining Fortitude I was regularly going to commercial gyms.

In the gyms I went to, help wasn’t always on hand for technique, programming and goal setting and the progress I was making with my strength was quite slow as a result.

Just as demotivation was kicking in, I was recommended to join Fortitude and it was the best decision I have made.

A big part of my decision for joining was the excellent coaching and the supportive and inclusive community Fortitude has to offer. I also loved the fact that there was not a single treadmill in sight!

I was welcomed into my first session by lots of friendly faces and the fist bump and high five at the end of the session, made the 2.5 miles that Josh made us run worth it!

Not having to plan your session is also a great feeling and I continue to love that you leave with a new goal or target each session.

Through fantastic coaching and programming by Josh, Tina and Isaac I have progressed hugely in both fitness and strength. What I value most about my time at Fortitude, is the progress I have made in my confidence, thanks to both supportive staff and members.

When I joined the gym, I had little self-belief but training at Fortitude has had a positive impact on my ability to see challenges positively and develop my mental grit to overcome them.

I now sing along to the music, dance a bit, enjoy being pushed out of my comfort zone and I am excited to take part in competitions this year. 

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