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Fifteen weeks later, I’m over 2 Stone lighter and making great progress towards my weight target of 14 Stone…..despite having to negotiate the diet-unfriendly Christmas and New Year period in the middle.

I found Fortitude by accident when parking for the Cafe next door.

At 6’ tall and 17 1/2 Stone I was struggling to keep up with my active 6 and 8 year old boys. I needed something to bump me out of the rut I was in; I’ve been fit in the past but have really struggled with finding the motivation to work through the interruptions of daily life as a House Husband and the inevitable physical niggles a 46 year old body throws at you to slow you down.

After a couple of months training, I was actually heavier than when I started; I’d been rewarding myself with food for the three Strength and Conditioning classes a week I was completing!

The staff offered to help me with understanding my nutrition through their Fortitude Education group.


I’ve tried lots of diets in the past, but they strip away the ‘woo’ from those fads back to a simple ‘eat less, move more’ formula that’s sustainable over a long period.

Really importantly, the staff also provide a conscience in the form of a weekly check in which helps keep me honest with myself.

I love the non-judgemental approach they have to help you achieve whatever fitness and health goals you set.

Sometimes I fall off the wagon and have a snack-fest, but I know I’m only a great training session away from getting back on track.

Fortitude is amazing! Josh, Tina, Rachel and Isaac have built an awesome fitness community; they know all their customers individually and everyone is really kind and helpful.

Gyms can be intimidating, but Fortitude is not an ordinary gym!

I am continually struck by the range of people who train together and the ability of the coaches to tailor the workouts to each individual whilst keeping the classes flowing.

They really know their business and help you with good technique that allows you to get the most from your body.

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