Week Commencing 04/02/19




rig/wall facing overhead squat x6-8

Kip swing mechanics and key positions – Superman and Hollow x8-10


OHS rep work x6-8

Advanced kip swing work /Kipping pull up volume accumulation x6-10


AMRAP A 7 minutes

10 Pull-ups

8 Burpees to plate

10 Plate Lunges

rest 2 minutes

AMRAP B 7 minutes

10 DB Power Cleans

10/8 Cals

8 Db Front Squats

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

12 Minutes:

Back squat x 4 / Banded Pull aparts x15 / Straddle hold x60s

Block B

10 Minutes:

Strict press x 4 / Reverse lunge x 6 (each leg) / KB Pull overs x12


Pairs – 10 minutes

100 Skips check in then


20 cals,

6 synchro down ups

20 plate GTOH

6 synchro goblet squats

Team Fortitude Barbell

Warm up complex


Muscle snatch into over head squat

Barski snatch Greek power snatch Snatch 75-85% 3r 4s

Clean complex by feel Power clean 1 , BTK clean 1, front squat 1, power jerk 1 with 3s hold 2

snatch push press + 2 OHS 4s work up to a heavyset

Or Pull to extension & hang Snatch high pull 4r x 4s

Accessory 4 rds

8+8 Front rack barbell split squat

8 Barbell push press

20 plate deadbugs



Every 90s x8

10-8-6-6 Deadlift

10-10-8-8 Seated DB Strict Press


Part A

21-15-9 Box Jump Overs


rest 90s

9-15-21 TTB

Burpees to plate

rest 90s

3 rounds

200m run

25 KBS

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

12 Minutes:

Sumo Deadlift x 5-5-3-3-3

Goblet Squat x10

Face pulls x12

Block B

8 Minutes:

DB bench press x 5

Banded Deadbugs x20

Striaght Arm hold x45-60s


Teams of 3

120 Wall Balls

90 Sit ups

60 Cals



Every 3 mins x12

1- 5 bar hop burpees

10 Front rack lunges

10 bar hop burpees


2- 20/16 cals

20-40 Double Unders

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

12 Minutes:

Double KB front squats x 5-8

Inverted row x 10

Box Support Hold x30-45s

Block B

10 Minutes:

Overhead DB press x 5

FFE split squats x 6 (each leg)

Side Plank x20-30s each side


15 min EMOM:

1) Db snatch x16

2) Tuck ups x10-12

3) Skipping x 40 secs



Every 90s x8:

1 Snatch Pull to knee,

1 Snatch Pull to hip,

1 Snatch

THEN 3 rounds:

5 Snatch Balance

45-60s Striaght arm hold


Open wokrout 11.4

AMRAP in 10 minutes

60 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Overhead Squats (55/40 lb)

10 Muscle-Ups

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

10 min:

1) Floor press x 5

2) Banded Hip Thrusts x 15

3) Single Arm DB Row x6 EA

Block B

10 minutes Pairs

8 Synchro KB Swings

20 Sandbag Squats

30 Ring Rows


Team of 3

Max Cals in 10 minutes on one machine every switch

= 10 DB Snatch

5 down ups

Team Fortitude Barbell

Muscle snatch into over head squat

Barski snatch Greek power snatch Positional snatch complex by feel Pull to extension, Hang snatch BTK ,Snatch x5s

3 Cleans + 1 jerk 75-85% x4s

Clean pull to extension and hang high pull 4r 4s

Or 5 rep max front squat rep 1 paused for 3s

-15% and then 4rds

5 Sotts press

5 muscles snatches

10 snatch grip pendlay rows

10+10 FFE split squats




Prone Handstand hold x15-20s


30s Wall Climb Hold/HS Hold

3 rounds

5-8 strict HSPU/negatives/Strict Push ups /w 60s Straddle Hold


Pairs 15 minutes You go i go

5-8 HSPU

10 Box Jump Over

20 Double Unders

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Deadlift x 5-5-3-3

T’s W’s x8 each

Monster Walks x45s

Block B

Bench press x 5-5-3-3-3

KB Prone row x8

Plated Deadbugs x20


Coaches pick


Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch Heavy single decrease by 10% 1r 2s

1 Clean and 2 Jerk Heavy single (1+2 ) decrease by 10% 1r 2s

Clean/ snatch deadlift 6r x 4s

Back squat 5rm 3s pause r1

-15% and then 4 s no pauses

Accessory 3rds

10 Pendlay pull

10 Barbell RDL

10 Push ups

10 EL FFE split squat

Team WOD

Teams of 3

5 Rounds

60 Double-Unders

9 Burpee Pull-ups

Straight into 5 rounds

30 Front Squats 50/35

30 Bar Hop Burpees

5 rounds

45 Wall Balls

30 Cals

*At the start of every new workout complete 20 Synchronised KBS

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