Week Commencing 10/12/18



Back Squat 5-5-3-3-2

/w 5 DB Floor press between sets


14 minutes Ascending Rep ladder 3-6-9-12..


Cleans 42.5/30

Burpees to plate

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Back squat x 8

Banded bridges x 15

KB pullover x 12

Block B

Strict press x 8

DB bent over row x 12

Plank rocks x 20


10 minute AMRAP Pairs

20 Slams

20 KB swing

20 Cals

Team Fortitude Barbell

Power Snatch + Snatch  x 2

Working up to sound technical set

Clean & Jerk 87%- ++ kg’s 1r

Pause Snatch  Pulls 2s at Knee 3r x 3s

Back Squat 3rm ( 1 Second pause on 1r)

15% 5 Back Squat

Vertical Pull x 10r

Bench Press  x10r

Leg Raises  x10r  X3 rounds




2 Hang Snatch 65-75%

3 rounds

5 Snatch Deadlift

20 Banded Deadbugs


14 Minute AMRAP

16 TTB

16 Front Squats 40/30

16 KBS 24/16

16 Cals

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Deadlift x 8

Facepulls x 15

Plated deadbugs x 20

Block B

Pull-up x 8

FFE split squat x 10

Tuck-up x 12


60s work 30s rest x6

1 – Cals

2 – 10 DB thrusters into

straight arm hold


Midweek Madness

Every 2min x30min

Alternate between

5 deadlifts + 5 hang power cleans + 5 front squats + 5 jerks 60/40kg

25/20cal (1.20-30)

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Double KB Front squat x 8

Single-arm DB row x 10

Box support hold x 30 s

Block B

DB Bench press x 8

Banded Good Morning x15

Straight-arm hold x 40 s


10 Minutes:

10 Cals

10 Down Ups

10 Plate GTOH



Part A

Every 90s x4

RDL x5

Part B

Every 3 minutes x4

4 Strict Press

12-15 Kipping Pull-ups/progression


60s on 20s off x9

Wall Balls

Double Unders

Burpee Box Jumps

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

12 min EMOM:

1) KB Sumo deadlift x 10

2) Inverted Row x10

3) Skipping x 40 secs

Block B

15 min EMOM:

1) KB swings x 40s

2) DB thrusters x 40s

3) Calories 40 s


4 rounds:

20 Plated deadbugs

16 Alt V-ups

30s Straight arm Hold

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch 87% ++kg’s 1r


Power + Hang Clean + Split Jerk

No misses x4s

Pause Clean Pull  2s at knee 3r x 3s

Heavy Triple Front Squat 3s pause r1

-15% 3r Front Squat

Plate Push Ups  x10r

Prone Rows x12

Weighted Plank 45-60s  X3 rounds



Part A

4 rounds

5-8 Strict Pull-ups

20-30s Hollow Rocks

rest 60s between rounds

Part B

3 rounds

8 Tempo Push Ups

8-15 TTB

90s rest between rounds


6 Rounds for Time

9 Burpees

9 Box Jumps (24/20 in)

9 Pull-Ups

9 Thrusters (40/20 kg)

9 Toes-to-Bar

Strength and Conditioning

Block A

Deadlift x 8

Standing overhead DB press x 10

Banded bridges x 15

Block B

Bench press x 8

Goblet squat x 12

Plank rocks x 20


coaches pick


Team Fortitude Barbell

Heavy Single Snatch

Heavy Single Clean & Jerk

3 Rounds

Back Squat x3

Vertical Pull x 10r

Ring Knee to Chest x10r

Alternate V Ups x16

Team WOD

For Time (Team of 3)

3000m Row Then,

12 Rounds of

18 Toes-to-Bars

30 Air Squats

24 Kettlebell Swings 24/16

3000m Ski erg

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