Week Commencing 19/11/18



Back Squat 10-8-8-6-5 – Building

Power Jerk 4×3 – 60-70% – quality


14 minute AMRAP

30 DB Snatches

200m run

15 TTB

 20 Cals

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minute AMRAP

Back Squat x5

10 DB Seated OH Press

50s Monster Walks

Block B 10 minute AMRAP

10 Ring Support Pull-ups

10 Double KB Sumo DL

45s Plank Rocks



50 Cal Check in AMRAP

60 Skips

30 Plate GTOH

5 Synchronised Down Ups

Team Fortitude Barbell


Power Snatch  + Snatch+  OHS

Work up to heavy set     6s

No misses

Clean & Jerk  82.5% – 87%    1r x 6s

( Every 90s )

Segment Snatch Pulls 4s x5r

Back Squat 5rm

-15 % 5r

Vertical pull    8r

Plated push ups  8r

Bent hollow holds 40s    X4s



EMOM x8 Hang snatch x2 – 60%

+ 3 Rounds Snatch Balance x3 70%+ FFE

Split Squat x8 EL

Banded Pull Aparts x12


Pairs 14 minute timer

Part A

42-30,18 DB Thrusters Pull-ups

Straight into AMRAP remaining time

30 cals

30 Wall Balls

30 Sandbag to Shoulder

Strength and Conditioning

Block A -10 minute AMRAP

 Front Squat x5

20 Banded Bridges

Plated Deadbugs

B 12 Minute AMRAP

FFE Split Squat x8 EL

8 DB Bench Press

12 Hanging Knee Raises  


Team of 3

Max Wall Balls 1 completes Wall Balls

meanwhile AMRAP

30 Cals

60 Plank Rocks


Midweek Madness

Part A 3RFT

21 Cals


7 Deadlifts 100/80

Straight into

Part B


12 Hang Power Cleans 50/35

6 Strict Pull-ups

straight into

part C 3RFT

400m run

18 Down ups

36 Double Unders

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 Minute AMRAP

Sumo Deadlift x5

Goblet squat x6

Ring Row x12

Block B 12 Minute AMRAP

BB Bent Over Row x6

Push Ups x8

Deadbugs x20


Pairs 10 minutes You go i go

8/6 Cals

8 Tuck Ups

5 Down Ups



W/up 3 rounds

10 Cals 10 Scapula Pull ups 15 Ring Rows

Every 3 minutes x4

5 RDL 80% ish + 5 DB Push Press + 45-60s Bent Hollow Hold  


WOD For Time

30 BBJ

30 CTB Pull-ups

30 Cals

15 BBj

15 CTB Pull-ups

15 Cals

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 10 minute AMRAP

Floor Press x5,

DB RDL x6 

Chest Supported Rows x8

Block B  12 Minute AMRAP

Prone T’s W’s x8

Step ups x10 EL

Plank x70s


10 Min AMRAP

45s Bent Hollow Hold

12 Cals

100m Carry

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch 82.5% – 87% 1r x6s ( every 90s)


Power clean + hang clean + power jerk+ split jerk

Working up to a heavy – no misses

Clean segment pulls    5r x 4s

Heavy triple front squat  (3s pause r1)

-15% 3r front squat

DB bench press  x12r

KB prone row  x12

side plank clam shell  x12 ES     X4s



3 Rounds

12 Seated Wall Slides

12 PVC Snap to Hollow

45s Monster Walks

20 banded bridges 

3 rounds

8 Strict Pull-ups

60s Straddle body Hold

3 rounds

8 Strict HSPU

15 DB Chest Supported Rows


9 minutes ascending reps 3-6-9..

TTB Thrusters 42.5/30 Bar hop burpees

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minute AMRAP

Deadlift x5

10 Scapula Push Ups

10 Face Pulls

Block B 12 minute AMRAP

Bench Press x5 

Reverse lunges x5 EL

12 KB Pull Overs


coaches pick


Team Fortitude Barbell

Heavy Double Set Snatch

Heavy Clean & Jerk for the day

-10% 4s x1r back off sets

Back Squats 4s x5r Working up over sets


Spilt squats 8 +8

Pendlay rows  6r

Box / ring support holds    X4 rounds

Team WOD

Teams of 3

Part a 5 Rounds each

12 Wall Balls

6 Power Cleans 60/40

400m run

then Part B 5 rounds each

12 Burpees

5 Thrusters 60/40

400m run

then Part C 5 rounds each

10 TTB

6 Squat Cleans


then 90 cal check out

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