A summer of fitness

Fortitude is completely unique and like nothing I’ve been involved with before.

I’ve just started my 3rd year studying Physiotherapy at Southampton University.  I divide my life between uni in Southampton and home in Gloucestershire so it’s hard to find the time to fit in going to the gym.

Previously, I have been part of several mainstream gyms and found them un-personal and more concerned with numbers than helping people achieve results.

Previously, I have struggled to find motivation to go to the gym unless it’s going to exercise classes – usually of which are over-crowded and poorly led at some of the gyms I have been to in the past. I was eager to try a gym which offered something unique and more personal. 

Fortitude was recommended by a friend who knew of the gym in the area and had heard great things about it. 

After the first session, I knew I’d found the gym I’d been looking for. From the first session I was welcomed into the Fortitude family, with no pressure, expectations or judgement. 

Lifting has benefited me both physically and mentally. I feel much more confident in my performance at the gym and also in the sports clubs I’m involved in. I’ve  alsomanaged hip and lower back pain for 3-4 years now, which was initiated by poor lifting technique in the past. I’ve always been apprehensive about getting back into weight training but the supportive and monitored coaching at Fortitude has really given me the confidence to do this again. Josh and Tina are very ‘hot’ on correcting technique and didn’t push me further until I was ready. Everything they do shows they’re up to date with the latest research and their knowledge of human physiology is second to none. 

My time at the gym wasn’t long enough! I spent 3 months with Fortitude over the summer before having to stop my membership as I’m back at uni full time. However, I will certainly be coming back when I’ve graduated and am back in the area!

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