Week Commencing 24/09/18



Every 60s x8

Clean + Front Squat + Jerk – 70% building 3 rounds

10 DB Prone Rows into 12 Db RDL no rest between exercises


Every 3 minutes x6

1- 12 STOH 42.5/30

12 Bar Hop Burpees

12 Front Squats

2- 200m Run

20 DB Snatches

12 Sit-ups

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minute AMRAP

8RM Back Squat

10 Single leg Glute Bridges EL

10 DB Floor Press

Block B 11 minute AMRAP

10 Ring Slow Ring Rows

10 Push Ups

15 Banded Good Mornings


Capacity 45s on 15s off

Cals, Slams, Straight Arm Hold

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch Deadlift from floor to knee  2 + Hang Snatch 2 (knee) x 4s

Clean 75% 3 x 2r

Pulls 4s x 6r

Back Squat 5rm (3s Pause 1r) – 15% 5r x4s (no Pause)

Strict press 3x8r Prone row 3x12r



Every 30s x16

1 Snatch 60-70%

Snatch Deadlift 3×5 100-120%


Pairs – 18 minutes

50 Wall Balls

40 TTB

30 Cal Bike

20 Synchronised Goblet Squats 24/16

Strength and Conditioning

Block A -10 minute AMRAP 

8RM Double KB Front Squat

10 DB Strict Press Block

12 KB Pull overs

Block B 12 Minute AMRAP

10 Double KB Sumo DL

12 Hanging Knee Raises

15 Banded Lat Pulldowns  


Team of 3

8 Synchronised Down Ups

12 Synchronised Plate GTOH

60 cals


Midweek Madness

For Time

Part A

80-60-40 Double Unders

100m F Carry between each round no rest into

part B

30-20-10 Cals

200m Sandbag carry between rounds straight into

Part C

20-15-10 GTOH 50/35

15 Down Ups between each round (including set of 10)

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minutes


10 DB Bench Press

20 Deadbugs

Block B 12 minutes

8 Single Arm DB Rows EA

8 Single Arm Press EA

45-60s Bent Hollow Hold


EMOM x12

1- 40s cals

2- 40s tuck ups

3- 40s Down ups



Part A

Accumulate 50 Pull-ups  (strict or Kipping) every break = 200m run

Part B

Accumulate 50 HSPU every break = 10/8 Cals


Pairs 12 minutes

30 Burpee Wall Ball partner throws

  30 Wall Balls 30 TTB

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 10 minute AMRAP

8RM Floor Press

10 Goblet Squats

10 Chest Supported Rows

Block B  12 Minute AMRAP

Prone T’s W’s x8

Step ups x8 EL

Plank x60s


10 Min AMRAP

100m Carry

12 lying leg raises

10/8 Cals

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch 75% 3s x 2r

Clean deadlift from floor to knee 2+ Hang Clean + Jerk

Snatch deadlift and pull from knee 4s x 6r

Front Squat 3rm (3s pause)- 15% 4s x 3r (no pause)

Bench press 4s x 6r vertical pull 4s x 12r



Every 60s x16

1 – T+G Push Jerk x3 

2- Deadlift x3  -(not a max out)

3 rounds 10 Db Strict Press into max ring support /box hold  


You go i go 4 rounds each

20 Box Jump Overs

10 burpee to plate

10 Sandbag to Shoulder

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minute AMRAP

8rm Deadlift

10 Blackburns

10 Scapula Push Ups

Block B 10 minute AMRAP

Bench Press 8RM

10 Split Squats EL

12 KB Pull Overs


Coaches pick


Team Fortitude Barbell

Heavy double Snatch,

Heavy double C&J for the day,

Back squat work up to 4s 5r

Snatch RDL 4s 8r

Front/ box support hold 5x sub max

Team WOD

Teams of 4 ABCD

Part A -2×8 minute AMRAPS

A+B Complete 10 Synchronised HRPU 12 Synchronised Goblet Squats 24/16  200m run together

C+D complete 20 Deadlifts 90/60 30 Wall Balls 20 Cals

at 16 minutes as a team of 4  AMRAP

30 200m Proler (50m each) 

100 Sandbag to shoulder

100 TTB

100 OHS 20/15 every 2.30

6 Synchronised Down Ups

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