What is Strength and Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning – Sounds scary doesn’t it? At one point in time, it probably was.

Strength and Conditioning (or S&C) used to be reserved for elite athletes but this is no longer the case!

It was started to add formalised and more structured routine into the athlete’s training and kick-started when it was realised that to excel in your sport; it is beneficial to be strong all-round rather than just in the skills specific to your activity.

Turns out the principals behind it are also great for Average Joes like us!

Let’s break it down a little bit –

Strength – it’s as simple as it sounds. We want to make our bodies stronger and this is achieved with use of free weights under the supervision of experiences coaches, and in a friendly and encouraging environment. Weights are not just for humongous guys grunting in the gym any more and weightlifting is more mainstream than ever and as such is so beneficial for all demographics (Ladies, you won’t get bulky, we promise!)

Conditioning – This is the part where we try and focus on our overall condition and get our general fitness level higher. We get our heart rates pumping, get sweaty and get cheering each other on so we can be better than ever!

We like to keep it simple – the purpose of S&C is to be better. Look better, move better, feel better and perform better.

This is achieved through a progressive strength programme where individuals will come in, start at an appropriate level determined by their coach and then sensibly progress onto more complex movements over time.

The way it’s designed means individuals continually improve week on week, leading to greater results than being in the gym on your own, confused not knowing what to do and when best to do it.

We train in a small group of up to 8 individuals meaning everyone gets coached and no-one gets left out – ever!

Training in a supportive environment with like-minded people is infectious.

Fancy it? Drop us a message or come in and have a chat with a coach.

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