A journey of Self Discovery

Right from the word community I knew it was going to be the best place for me.

I have never been satisfied with the way I look, I’ve always resented the extra weight that I carry. I’ve been on everything that I could think of to fix it: weight watchers, ridiculously low calorie intake, low carb, high protein and it’s always lead me to the same cycle of ‘miserable slog, see results, celebrate results with ‘bad’ food, loose results and regress’. 

The problem was that the motivation just wasn’t there for me. I may not have been fully satisfied with my looks, but I’d cultivated my own self confidence within it. Sure, I may not be as attractive as the slimmer girl over there, but I am still pretty. I made half arsed attempts to work out and eat right, finally settling on macro counting as my new favourite method to fail at dieting with, but nothing stuck in the face of my dissertation and other lifestyle hurdles. 

I had been taking part in the powerlifting society during the last few months of University and I always enjoyed it, but my schedule never allowed for anything more than 3 training sessions a week. I saw progression, however, I was getting stronger and it was addictive. 

So I sat down on google, deciding that summer would be the best time to move away from my haphazard dieting methods and inconsistent gym attendance. This was when I found Fortitude, and right from the word community I knew it was going to be the best place for me. I don’t have many friends here in the Forest and I know how important a support network is with dieting so I knew I had to give it a try. Josh was supportive from the first message and spoke about making this a lasting change to my lifestyle, which is really what I was looking for. This gym isn’t after your money, it’s after your success. 

I was hooked after my first barbell session. It was an odd adjustment period; powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting are two very different sports. I had to think about what I was doing, the movements were too alien and complex to just wack as much weight on as I could and hope for the best. This became a common theme for the next two weeks as Josh and Tina made slight changes to my form in nearly every lift I did, making sure that I was safe and secure within all of the movements. 

The second week I attended I sat down with Tina and we started to figure out what my goal was with all of this. Out of habit I told her I wanted to lose weight, and she nodded and then asked me if I wanted to pursue weightlifting or powerlifting seriously. She asked me if I wanted to compete in it.

That was when I found my motivation. 

I’m finally losing weight now, 5kg gone over the last month, but it’s a bi-product, not the focus. The weight has come off as I’ve hit a new bench press PR, taken my old squat PR and hit it for three reps, learnt how to Snatch, Clean and Jerk and suffered my way through countless ring rows. Fortitude is here for you for the long haul, the changes the team and community instil in you are meant to last a lifetime, not just while you have that first kick of inspiration. Dieting has never been easier for me, because it’s not a diet, it’s eating to fuel my workouts.

It’s not a chore for me to work out anymore, it’s the best part of my day. 

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