Week Commencing 03/09/18



Every 1:00 minutes x10

A-1 Power Clean +1 Clean + 1 Power Jerk +Kg’s


EMOM x24

1- 1 Rope Climb/5 Pull-ups/10 Ring Rows

2- 8-10 TTB/12 Kip Swings 

3- 60s Cals

4- rest

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minute AMRAP

Back Squat x3 /w 3s pause each rep DB Bench Press x5 KB Sumo DL x8

Block B 12 minute AMRAP

Ring support Pull-Ups x10 Straight Arm Hold x45s Split Squats x8 EL 


pairs 12 minutes AMRAP

100 single skips

30 Plate GTOh

30 Cals

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch Deadlift 2r + Hang Snatch from knee 2r

Clean 75% 3s x 1r

Clean Pulls 4s x6r

Back Squats 5rm ( 3s pause 1r)  – 15% 4s x3r no Pause

Strict Press 3s x8r

Prone Rows 3s x12r



3 Rounds

5 Power Snatch 5 OH Squat Every 60s x12

1 Snatch pull + 1 Snatch


Every 2 mins x20

3 Bar Muscle Ups

8 BBJO 20/24

8 Sandbag to shoulder

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minute AMRAP

3 Front Squats /w 3s pause 12 Single arm DB OH Press + 15 DB Single arm DB Rows (same weight)

Block B 12 Minute AMRAP

15 Banded Good Mornings 10 FFE Split Squats EL 8 Prone T’s,W’s


Team of 3

180 cals for time

every switch

100/200m run



Saman’ 8RFT

13 Deadlifts 85kg/57.5kg

17 Wall Balls

400m run

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minute AMRAP

RDL x6 Seated DB OH Press (Floor) x8 Tempo Goblet  Squat x10

Block B 10 Minute AMRAP

Banded Deadbug x16 Push ups x10 Step Ups x8 EL


10 mins

20 Wall Balls

10 Cals

10 Tuck Ups



5 rounds Max unbroken Pull-ups

rest 45s Max HSPU

rest 2 minutes


Fight Gone Bad (Fortitude Style)

Three rounds of:

60s wall balls

60s DB Hang Clean and Jerk

60s Box Jumps 20

60s Push Press 35/25kg

60s Row for cals

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minute AMRAP

Sumo Deadlift x5 DB Chest Supported Row x10 Banded Bridges x20

Block B 10 Minutes

Ring Rows x12 Plank Rocks x30 Walking Lunges x 2L



Cals Slams x8 sets each

 Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch 75% 3s x1r

Clean Deadlift 2 + 2 hang cleans + 2 jerks

Snatch Pulls 4s x6r

Front Squats 3rm ( 3s Pause ) – 15% 4s x3r ( no pause)

Bench Press 4s x 6r

Vertical Pull 4s x12 r



Every 60s x18

1 – Front Squat x5 2- Deadlift x5  – Lower Body Volume accumulation so find nice working weights (not a max out)


EMOM x10

8/6 cals + 6-8 TTB rest 2


8 Down ups + 20 Double Unders

Strength and Conditioning

Block A 12 minutes

Deadlift x3 Prone T’s, W’s x8 Scapula Push ups x12

Block B 12 Minutes

Bench Press x3 Deadbugs x20 Double KB Sumo Deadlift x10


Coaches pick


Team Fortitude Barbell

Heavy Triple Snatch

Heavy Triple Clean & Jerk for the day

Back Squat work up to 4s x 5r

Snatch RDL 4s x6r

Front/ box support holds 4 x sub max

Team WOD

Part A – Pairs SpeeDT  completes 3 rounds

Team member 1 runs 100m then completes 12 Deadlifts

Team member 2 runs 100m then completes 12 Deadlifts

Team member 1 completes 100m run + 9 Hang Cleans hen

team member 2 then 6 STOH etc..

Part B – Teams of 4

2 rounds

100 BBJ

80 Wall Balls

60 Sit-ups

800m run together

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