My Happy Place

My body is changing, I have lost inches pretty much everywhere and I’m more defined. I’m feeling bright, happy and healthy.

Well, where do i start. I have always hidden the fact that I have introvert tendencies, subsequently, this is echoed into my everyday life. Excerise in a gym is a huge deal for me. Having fluctuated over the years with various gyms and memberships and just giving up, I was informed by a family member about the unique “gym” Fortitude. I use the word gym lightly because, Well, it doesn’t feel like a gym at all. 

Having put off joining due to the fact I thought I would be miles behind everyone else, I finally plucked up the courage and joined. 

Time for my first session, I was a nervous wreck beforehand and I had visions of falling on my face infront of everyone…which in hindsight was a totally irrational thought! The “gym” had no mirrors, no dreaded treadmills, no ‘men’s section’ & ‘womens section’ and absolutely no egos. The coaches & other members in my group were so friendly and introduced themselves immediately. The session consisted of discussing with coaches about my fitness goals and doing some ‘easy’ excersies (I ached the day after!!) It became apparent that the coaches really knew what they were on about. 

So what were my goals…..Well I didn’t really have any at the time of joining, I guess people always dream about looking like the girls in the magazines and being skinny but having been with Fortitude, and it’s two coaches Josh and Betina, I can confidently say now I want to be the best version of myself (and to do a pull up!) It’s more than being  aesthetically appealing to other people, it’s about yourself and your goals, I see that now. 

So, With the guidance of both coaches, I found myself back on the dreaded barbell, I say dreaded because in truth, it scared me a little- mostly because I was afraid of getting it wrong. Another totally irrational thought!

(A few years ago i heard alot of stigma about weight training and how it makes you bulky…Well, if having defined arms and toned legs are considered bulky, then I fully accept it…) 

Fast forward to the current day. 

I’m training everyday now and loving it. I have been a member of Fortitude for 2 months, the workouts are fun- i never thought I would say workout and fun in the same sentence. I look forward to my session everyday, I see the same people and we chat about each others days and compare aches and pains of previous sessions! 

Also, my body is changing, I have lost inches pretty much everywhere and I’m more defined. I’m feeling bright, happy and healthy and I’m I’m hoping to reach my goal of a pull up very soon!

I still have my introvert tendencies, they will always be with me, but Fortitude is my happy place and they don’t control me whilst I’m there. 

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