My much needed “me time”. 


It feels great to be part of such an amazing community.  I get to train everyday with people who are supportive, encouraging and genuinely want you to be successful. 

I have always enjoyed exercise in different forms, since childhood I have done little bits of kickboxing, boxing, gymnastics, running, climbing and yoga but never really stuck with anything for long periods of time and before starting at fortitude I hadn’t done regular exercise for a few years. 

At the point of contacting Fortitude I was just coming out the other side of postnatal depression, I had gone back to work and was making other small steps to help my mental health but I just knew that there was something missing to give me that extra boost I needed to get myself back to being me. 

I regularly drove past the gym but didn’t have the confidence to walk in so i liked the Facebook page and followed the community until I finally plucked up the courage to send a message.

I decided to do personal training sessions until I built up enough confidence to join the classes. I was initially very nervous but i was well looked after and couldn’t wait to go back after every session. I eventually started doing the classes and meeting other people.

I have been training at Fortitude for about 10 months and could not imagine my life without it now. My job can be extremely stressful and I also have 2 young children, so the regular training has become my stress release and my much needed “me time”. 

10 months isn’t very long but in that time I have started to develop skills I never would of thought I could be doing and even found myself with a new passion once I tried the barbell classes. Josh and Tina’s combination of knowledge, programming and passion for other peoples developement has enabled me to keep progressing every week which is extremely rewarding mentally and physically. 

Initially I thought that just losing weight is what would make me happy and I had an unhealthy approach to cutting calories, weighing food and eating much less than I should of but now with the guidance from Josh and Tina I am much more focused on the my strength progress and visual changes instead of the scales which has made me have a much healthier/happier relationship with food.

Self confidence has always been a massive issue for me but since training at Fortitude this has improved massively, I now feel mentally and physically stronger than I ever have, I am thoroughly enjoying the changes made to my body and mind and I can’t wait to continue to develop and push myself to see what I am capable of. 

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