I’ve been training there now over 6 months and love every session. 

I feel better physically and mentally every day now, the stress release of spending a few hours a week lifting weights and conditioning training is something everyone should experience. 


I work on overhead powerlines which can involve fairly labour intensive days, things such as climbing, lifting and a surprising amount of walking. 

I’ve always wanted to join a gym in order to increase my general strength and fitness. Also to help with the stresses of being a parent/grown up. My wife actually joined Fortitude several months before I did and she absolutely raved about the place. 

Once I finally got round to signing up to the trial month that was it I was hooked. I’ve been training there now over 6 months and love every session. 

I’d never tried a gym with free weights so wasnt quite sure what to expect but after training for a while and seeing progress in the weight I can lift I couldn’t imagine any other way to train. I’ve also started to feel the benefit at work with the increased fitness which benefits me and my colleagues. 

Josh and Tina are fantastic coaches that really make me feel welcome and actually want to exercise. They have a goal of creating a community and that really has happened, everyone gets on so well and the gym always has a good atmosphere. 

I plan to train for long as physically possible and this is down to Fortitude. 

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