I haven’t felt this healthy, confident and well for a long long time.

Having spent years working on the tools as an Electrician and young Father I never really had time to exercise or worry about my diet.

Or was ‘too busy’ to sort it out!

I have now end up sat at a desk for most of my working day…

So yes I may be now saving my knees from not spending time kneeling down.

But lots of other parts of me are now suffering!

Something had to change!

With my son now 15 and keeping himself fit and well through sport and exercise (including recently joining Fortitude and WildBoar Weightlifting) I was inspired by him to sort myself out and become, healthier, more physically fit and ultimately feel good! 

So I started by jumping on the scales…

At 104kg it was clearly obvious I was well overweight!!!

I had to speak to Josh Telling…

This was made so much easier as I had already began to see he benefits my son was already showing from joining Fortitude.

I joined Fortitude!

To put it simply this was one of the best things I have done in my life!  My journey to a whole new me had began – November 2017… I had tried ‘normal gyms before’. Tried dieting before, nothing had ever worked for me! By early December I was hooked. 

My diet changed and I began to enjoy my food more too! I could never of even imagined enjoying working out and doing S&C whilst having fun like the ‘the fun house’ provides (aka Fortitude). 

It wasn’t easy I must admit and waking up parts of my body that was so tight and stiff was hard work! But it was fun work and worth it for the results I am seeing now! From my experience within the first month at Fortitude I could not recommend it enough. Every member is so friendly and the place is a joy to be!  Everyone is welcomed and treated equally, nothing is too much trouble and it’s so much more than your average gym it’s a real community hub.

I have now been training at Fortitude for 8 months and I have lost 3.5 stone. I feel like a totally different person, wearing clothes which are smaller sizes than I was at 18 years old. 

I haven’t felt this healthy, confident and well for a long long time. 

Using the weights alongside conditioning and a calorie controlled diet has not only reduced my weight and size but also made me stronger and more positive about myself. 

I feel better mentally and physically which also really helps, not just with family and social life but also with working life too.

Fortitude Gym has changed my life forever and I cannot thanks Josh and Tina enough.

I have to pinch myself to be sure that I am living this dream…

With the support they provide I feel so confident about my future and everyone else who walks through the door of Fortitude Gym. 

As a family my wife has now also joined Fortitude along with my son and I. We all have benefited from this so much in such a short space of time. 

If I had to describe my experience of Fortitude Gym in only two words it would be –


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