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Every 1:30 minutes x12

A- 5 Front Squats

B- 10 DB Push Press + 10 Tuck Ups


Pairs 16 minute AMRAP

50 Wall Balls

50 DB Power Cleans

100 Double Unders

50 Burpees

Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat,/w no pause x5 /w DB Bench Press x10 (x5)

Ring Support Pull-Ups x12 (4s lowering 1s pause at top) /w  Plated Deadbugs x20 (x3)


10 minutes

100m run

8/6 down ups

15 Plate GTOH

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch 70% 2r 4s

Clean 75% x2 x4s

clean pull off riser 95% 3 x3s

BTN jerk 84% x3 x2s 84% 2 x2s

back squat 90% 2 x4s



4 Rounds

10 Snatch Grip Push Press + 5 Snatch Balance Every 90s x6

3 Snatch Pulls + 2 Snatches


1- DB Strict Shoulder Press x10

2- Split Squats x10 EL



Pairs Round for round

12/10 Cals

200m run

8 Down Ups

Strength and Conditioning

FFE Spit Squat x12 EL /w Tempo Seated OH Press x5 /w Ring Rows x12 (x4)  Heavy single  KB Carry x100m Hanging knee raises x15 /w Planche hold x45-60s (x3)


Team of 3

12 minutes

Max Cals every time a team members switches

1L Prowler

5 Slams



Mid Week madness

Pairs  10RFT

16 Power Cleans 50/35

20 Bar Hop Burpees

16 Box Jump Overs

200m run together

Strength and Conditioning

Front Squats x5 /w DB Floor Press x12 /w Ring Row Hold x45-60s (x4)

Step Ups x10 EL/w SA DB rows x8EA /w Bent Hollow Hold x70s (x3)


Pairs 12 minutes

2L Prowler

30 cals

5 Synchronised Inchworms



A1 Strict Handstand Push Ups xMax

A2 Strict Pull Ups xMax

A3 Double KB Front Squats x10 (x4)



15 Sit-ups

30 Double Unders

400m Run



Strength and Conditioning

Tempo Double KB Squat x12 (3s pause ) /w Pendlay Row x10 (x5)

Ring Rows x15 (1s pause at top 3s lowering) /w Banded Bridges x20 /w Foot Elevated Plank Hold x60s (x3)


10 minutes

100m F Carry

15 cals

10 Plate GTOH

 Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch 80% 1r x3s

clean and jerk 80% 1r x3s

snatch pull off 3” riser 95% 3r x3s

snatch Balance 85% 3r x4s



Every 90s x8 Clean Deadlift + Clean + Jerk – build up to heavy complex

EMOM x10

1- Strict Upper Pull progression

2- 8 Clean Floating Deadlifts


Pairs Round for Round

10 TTB

12 Burpees to plate

8/6 Cal Bike

 Strength and Conditioning

Deadlifts x5 /w Monster Walks x45s (x5)

Bench Press x5 /w Walking Lunges x2L /w Plated Deadbugs x20 (x4)


Coaches pick 60s on 30s off


Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch wave  then Clean wave using same format

80% 1r 82% 1r 84% 1r  87% 1r  x2s  82% 1r  80%1r

hang clean pull 100% 3r x5s

back squat 87% 2r 4s

Team WOD

Teams of 4

Part A

15 minute AMRAP

Pick a working weight on the bar – 50/35

Take it in turns to complete

3 Deadlifts each


3 Power Cleans each


3 Front Squats each


3 STOH each

Straight into at 15 minutes a 30 minute AMRAP

60 DB Thrusters

60 Cals

60 DB Power Cleans

60 Pull-ups

200m run together





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