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Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat,/w no pause x6 /w DB Bench Press x8 (x4)

Ring Support Pull-Ups x12 (4s lowering 1s pause at top) /w  Plated Deadbugs x20 (x4)


Pairs  14 minutes

round for round

100m Run

12 Slams

6 Down Ups

Team WOD

‘Jenkins gone large”

Team of 4 – 40 minute AMRAP

100 Burpees

400 meter Run together

100 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)

400 meter Run together

100 Pull-Ups

400 meter Run together

100 Push-Ups

400 meter Run together



Every 90s x8

1 Snatch Start at 50%Building up in weight, once a lift is missed Work back down by 10kg and stay on that weight

EMOM x6 3 Snatch Pulls /w 3s eccentric at Finishing weight


Pairs Round for round

8 Thrusters 50/35

8 Sit-ups

10 Down Ups

Strength and Conditioning

FFE Spit Squat x12 EL /w Tempo Seated OH Press x6 /w Ring Rows x12 (x4)

Heavy single  KB Carry x100m Hanging knee raises x14 /w Planche hold x45-60s (x3)


Every 3:00 mins x4

1- 45s Plank Rocks 45s Bent Hollow Hold+ 60sTyre Flip/Slams until 2:30

100m Farmers Carry + Max Cals until 2:30




Mid Week madness Pairs

100 Cal Check in

3 rounds

400m run together

20 Front Squats 42.5/30

10 Synchronised Down Ups

20 Pull-ups

100 cal check out

Strength and Conditioning

Front Squats x6 /w DB Floor Press x10 /w Ring Row Hold x30-45s (x4)

Step Ups x10 EL/w SA DB rows x10EA /w Bent Hollow Hold x70s (x3)


Pairs 12 minutes

2L Prowler

20 cals

10 Synchronised Plate GTOH



A1 Strict Handstand Push Ups xMax

A2 Strict Pull Ups xMax

A3 Double KB Front Squats x10 (x4)



200m Run

8 GTOH 42.5/30

10 BBJ

Strength and Conditioning

Tempo Double KB Squat x10 (3s pause ) /w Pendlay Row x10 /w Active Hang x50s (x4) Ring Rows x15 (1s pause at top 3s lowering) /w Banded Bridges x20 /w Foot Elevated Plank Hold x60s(x3)



60s on 15s off

Slams, cals, carries, (x3 rounds)

Team Fortitude Barbell

snatch 65% x2 x2s

clean and jerk  65% x2 x2s 70s 1x 3s

snatch pull off riser 83% x3 x4s

snatch balance 70% 3x4s

back squat 77% 2x 4s



Every 90s x8 Clean Deadlift + Clean + Jerk – build up to heavy complex

EMOM x10 1- Strict Upper Pull progression 2- 8 Clean Floating Deadlifts


Round for Round

10 TTB

12 Burpees to plate

8/6 Cal Bike

 Strength and Conditioning

Deadlifts x6 /w Monster Walks x45s (x4)

Bench Press x6 /w Walking Lunges x2L /w Plated Deadbugs x20 (x4)


Coaches pick 60s on 30s off


Team Fortitude Barbell

snatch wave  then clean wave using same format

60% 2r  65% 2r 70% 1r x2s 75% x1r  x2s

clean clean  snatch floating  dead  112% ish 5r x3s

back squat 70% x3r x3s 77% x2r  4s

Team WOD

Team of 3

45 minute AMRAP


200m run together

120 DB Thursters

400m run together

90 cals

600m run together

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