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Every 2:30 minutes x6

2 Cleans + 2 Front Squats (building) + 60s Bent Hollow Hold

Pairs 10 Rounds each for time
15 Wall Balls
12 Cals
6 Burpees

Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat,/w 3s pause x8 /w Banded Bridges x20 (x3)
Tempo DB Bench Press x8 (2s down 1s pause) /w Ring Support Pull-Ups x10 (4s lowering 1s pause at top) (x3)
Hanging Knee Raise Hold x10-30s /w Arrested Superman Hold x10-30s (x3)


12 minutes round for round

30s max cals
12 Lying Knee Raises

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch 78% x2 x4s
BTN jerk 80% 2x5s
2 position Clean (floor and mid thigh) 77% x2 x2s 81% x2 x3s
Clean pull 98%4 x4s
Back Squat 80% x5 x2s 85%x4 x3s



Every 60s x12
1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch
Start at 50%Building up in weight, once a lift is missed Work back down by 10kg and stay on that weight


16 minutes Round for round
10 thrusters 42.5/30
200m Run

Strength and Conditioning

Box Step Downs (step up then 3s lowering) x8EL /w Tempo Push ups x Max (x3) /w Standing Banded Rows /w 1s pause at bottom x15 (x3)
Hanging knee raises x12 /w Planche hold x45-60s (3)


Every 2 mins x6

1- 60s Cals + 30s down ups until 1:30
2- 10 Tuck ups + Slams until 1:30



Warm up Every 2 mins x6

1- 60s Double Unders + 10 DB snatches
2- 90s cals

EMOM x12
1- Strict upper body bodyweight pulling work Strict Pull-Ups/Ring Rows
2- Deadlift 90%+ x2


4R each for time
100m Farmers Carry
12 Box Jump Overs
12/9 Cals

Strength and Conditioning

Front Squats x6 /w 3s pause /w DB Floor Press x8 (/w 1s pause on floor)(x3)
DB RDL x12 /w Chest supported rows x8 /w Bent Hollow Hold x60s (x3)

8x 30s

Cals 20s
rest 30s
Plank 20s



A1 Tempo ring Dips x max
A2 Strict Chin Ups x max
A3 Banded Hollow Hold x20-40s (x5)


400m Run
12 Hang Cleans 50/35
8 Pull-ups

Strength and Conditioning

Tempo Double KB Squat x10 (2s down 3s pause ) /w Supinated Bent Over Row x8 w 1s pause at top /w W’s x12 (x3)
Ring Rows x15 (1s pause at top 3s lowering) /w Split Squats x10EL /w Foot Elevated Plank Hold x60s(x3)


Team of 3 Max cals in 12 minutes
1 person completing max cals
1 person completes 6 Down Ups + 8 Plate GTOH
1 person rests – rotate

Team Fortitude Barbell

2 position snatch (floor and mid thigh) 77% x2 81% x3s
2 cleans 78% x4s
snatch dead 105%x5 x5s
snatch balance 70% 3r 75% 3x2s 80% x3 x2s



EMOM x10
1- 15 KBS (light)
2- 45s Cals

Every 2 minutes x4
3 Squat Cleans – choose load + Max Strict Pull-ups/Progression work

Every 2 minutes x4
45s Double Unders + Max Strict HSPU


4 rounds each for time

8 Front Squats 42.5/30
10 TTB 8/6 Cals

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlifts /w pause at knee x3s x8 /w Banded Bridges x20 (x3)
Bench Press x10 /w 1s pause on chest /w Walking Lunges x2L (x3)
Suitcase Carry x100m /w Plated Deadbugs x20 (x3)


Coaches pick 60s on 30s off


Team Fortitude Barbell

Power snatch 70% 3 x5s
BTN jerk 73%3 x4s
Clean pull 88%ish 3 x3s
Back squat 70% x3 x2s 75% x2 x3s

Team WOD

Team of 3 30 Rounds for time

100m Med Ball Carry
9 Pull-ups


12 Situps

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