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Week Commencing 08/01/18



A1 Front Squat x4 – 70-80%

A2 DB Seated Strict Press x8


B1 Snatch Grip Push Press x8

B2 DB RDL x10

B3 Plated Deadbug x20




EMOM x12

1 – 8-12 Thrusters 42.5/30

2 5 Burpees + 5-10 TTB

3 40s Double Unders


Strength and Conditioning

Sumo Deadlift x 12 /w DB Floor Press x12 (x3)

Tempo Goblet Squat x10 /w Prone Row and rotation (fractionals) x12 (x3)

Hanging Knee Raises x10 (x3)


Partners – 12 minutes

You go i go

10/8 cals

6 Inchworms

8 Slams

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch x2 + OHS /w 2 sec pause in bottom – 5×1

Clean + Front Squat + Jerk /w 3s pause in Split – 5×1

Clean Segment pull  (1′, knee, hip, finish) + Clean Pull – 4×3 (1+1)

Back Squat 4×4 (3-4 reps from failure)

/w Upper Accessory exercise



Snatch Balance + OHS 3+3 (x4)

Every 90s x6

3 Hang Snatches (Start at 60% and build)


14 Minute AMRAP

16 Box Jump Overs

16 STOH 42.5/30

16 Cals

Strength and Conditioning

Push Press x10 /w 1L Walking Lunges (x3)

Monster Walks x60s /w Seated Z Press x10 /w Lying Leg Lifts x12 (x4)


12 minutes

Partners alternate

8 Cals on 8 Cals off

8 Slams on 8 slams off

8 Plate GTOh on 8 Plate Gtoh off



Mid-week madness


1 round on 1 round off

60s Max Cals

15 Wall Balls


60s Max Cals

15 Burpees


60s Max Cals

30 Double Unders


Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x10 /w SA DB Row x10 EA (x3)

Good Mornings x10 /w Push Ups x10 /w Banded Face Pulls x10 /w Straddle Hold x45s (x3)


2 Mins on 30s off x4

10/8 cals

20 Plank Rocks

10 Tuck Ups



A1 – RDL x8

A2 – DB Floor Press x8

A3 – Chin Ups x max reps



3 Minutes on 1 off x4

6 Power Cleans 50/35

8 Pull-ups

12 Air Squats

Strength and Conditioning

Floor Press x12 /w Step Ups x 10 EL

Foot Elevated Planks x30-40s /w Ring Support Pull-ups /w Clamshell x15 ES (x3)

Bent Hollow Rocks x10-20 (x3)



Compete 4/5 rounds each

12/9 Cals

10 DB thrusters

12 Slams

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch x3 – 60%ish (x5)

Clean and Jerk (3+1) – 60%ish (x5)

Snatch Segment Pull (1′, hip, knee, finish) + Snatch Pull – 4×3 (1+1)

Front Squat 5×3 /w 3s pause

Jerk Dips 4×3



Part A

3 rounds

10 Cals

8 Front Squats 42.5/30

Into Max HSPU

Rest 2 mins between rounds

Part B

3 rounds

8 STOH 42.5/30

10 Burpees to plate


Rest 2 mins between rounds



10 Minutes Alt exercises

10 Box jump Overs

10 Wall Balls

10 Sit-ups

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x12 /w Prone Chicken Wings x10 (x3)

Bench Press x10 /w Banded Bridges x15 (x3)

Hanging Knee Raises x10 /w Plank Rocks x20-30 (x3)


60s on 30s off coaches pick x4


Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch – Single for the day

Clean and Jerk – Single for the day

Pause Back Squat 3×3 – 2-3 from failure

Team WOD

On 35 minute timer

As a Team of 3 complete Ascending Reps

3,6,9,12… Of the Following 

Power Clean,

Front Squat

STOH 50/35

Between each completed set of reps 1 member from each team each completes 

6 Cals

6 Down Ups

6 KBS 24/16

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