The Biggest Loser 2017 A Participant And Coaches Reflection

What exactly was the program?

Dieting, losing weight and even more importantly maintaining weight lost  can be tough.

Individuals are constantly seeking the next best thing or retrying diet after diet which perhaps brings some initial success but nothing more.

This program stemmed from us feeling a need to intervene, educate and empower people to start to believe in themselves again while showing them that dieting and weight loss does not have to be as confusing or as complicated as it is be made out to be.

Hence our need for an intervention!

So we started The biggest Loser Challenge.

What did we do?

We found 11 guys who were all ready to make positive changes to their lives but perhaps a little apprehensive over what the program entailed.

We held a welcome seminar where our 11 selected individuals sat a little sheepishly  around each other, most of them meeting for the first time listening to what we were doing and why we were doing it.

We identified 3 key things that are super important in ensuring people are more successful with their efforts.



Social Support

This was to be the basis of our whole program.

Bringing people together who share similar values is something we are very passionate about.

We also got feedback from 10 of our participants so here is a little about what they had to say…

Can you tell us a little about what you have achieved over the 6 weeks?

“Better eating habits Lots of knowledge Stone weight loss Increased fitness level New lot of friends”

“Apart from the weight loss, I’m feeling more motivated, and am set to continue pushing myself beyond my old expectations.”

I lost weight but more importantly l got a good understanding of where diets had failed before. I have worked my steps into my daily routine. I feel more in control of my diet and activity level.”

I was re-educate in how to take control of my eating. To pick the best choices in terms of energy to train. Also to realise that if I have a bad day or even 2 where a eat more than I should it is quite easy to rectify the situation by reducing my calorie intake for a few days rather than just throwing in the towel. The power of a team and the support of great coaches made it such an easy plan to stick to.”

“Ive not only achieved a steady weight loss but gained confidence and new friends.”

It gave me confidence to realise that yes, I can loose weight and made me also realise that I can actually enjoy gym sessions”

I have achieved healthier relationship with food. I’ve realised I can have a bad day and not fall completely off the wagon and turn it in to a bad month! I can also eat a chocolate bar and not feel guilty as long as it’s within my calorie allowance! I’ve also increased my activity levels and am now a lot fitter than I was!”

I’ve learnt I’m in control, a bad moment doesn’t mean the end, it has to be a change of life style permanently, this style of diet is manageable and acheiviable.”

The Results – In numbers

Over the six weeks all of our 11 guys remained and completed the program. Here are some figures from the data we collected.

Duration of the program – 6 weeks or 42 days.

Total Weight Lost – 96.5lbs.

Average weight lost per person – 8.8lbs.

The biggest loser – Daniel with a total weight loss of an incredible 22.5lbs.

What has been your biggest take home from the 6 weeks?

“A bad day can be just that, it’s not the end”

Like so many others I had fallen into the trap of accepting that I was destined to remain big and unfit. By learning to eat smarter, I have created a calorie deficit without depleting energy levels. Consequently I’ve been able to increase my activity levels way beyond what I had previously thought possible. This has allowed me to progress quickly, and sustainably, and I’m genuinely excited about the future and the transformation I’m currently experiencing.”

That deiting isn’t this hugely restrictive and elusive thing.”

“I have regained my love for fitness and my self belief.”

It’s been great to have lost weight, whilst not feeling starving hungry!”

I do actually enjoy the gym :)”

That I can actually do this. That I can lose weight successfully and keep it off. For the first time in years I actually feel like I’m going to reach my target weight and be fit and healthy!”

That I can do this, and my first time entering a gym, they are not a scary place.”

Biggest take home from the 6 weeks – Coaches perspective

Our biggest take home as coaches was seeing the power of how influential community can be on individuals success.

11 people all became friends from a couple of hours training per week and through supporting each other the transformation in them all as a group over just 6 weeks was incredible for us to witness.

We have a few things to adjust and change for the next program as we look to make it just as successful as our first.

For now we can’t wait to continue some of these guys’ journey and prepare them to start achieving some even more amazing things.

Finally, would you recommend the program to a friend?

“Absolutely yes”

100% Yes.”



Yes definitely”








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