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Week Commencing 13/11/17

Test Week



Test – Front Squat 5RM


EMOM x16

Min 1 – Sub Max Pull-Ups/Kip Swings

Min 2 – 10-14 Down Ups

Min 3- 30-60 Double Unders

Min 4- 30s Wall Facing HS Hold

Strength and Conditioning

Test – Back Squat 6RM

Test RDL 10RM

Push Ups x10 /w Banded Face Pulls x12/w Plank x45s (x3)



100m Farmers Carry

20 Cals

30 Slams

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch Balance – Heavy 2 (+2.5kg-5kg on last week)

Low Hang Snatch + Snatch  Build to heavy set then 6×1 @ 85-90%

Clean Deadlift + Clean + Jerk Build to a heavy set then 2×1 @90%

Front Squat x4 (x5) – 80-85%



Test – Clean and Jerk – build to heavy


Test – ‘Helen’


400m Run

21 KBS

12 Pull-Ups

Strength and Conditioning

Test – DB Push Press 6RM

Test -Max Plank Hold

Double KB Sumo Deadlift x12 /w Banded Bridges x15 /w Front Support Hold x45s (x4)


12 minutes

Partners – 8 Cals on 8 Cals off




Mid-week madness

Test – ‘The Fortitude’

6 Rounds For time

400m run

20 Down ups

20 KBS 32/24

100m Farmers Carry

Strength and Conditioning

Test -Front Squat 6RM

Test Pendlay Row 10RM

DB Floor Press x10 /w Banded Bridges x15 (x4)


9 Minute AMRAP

6 Dball Squats

9 Plate GTOH

12 Sit-Ups

15 Slams




Test – Push Press 5RM

Test – Pendlay Row 5RM


3 minutes on 45s off x4

12 Wall Balls

14 Cals

16 Down Ups

Strength and Conditioning

Test – Floor Press 6RM

Test – Max Strict Ring Rows

Double KB Front Squat/Goblet Squat x10 /w Straddle Hold x40s (x4)


2 mins on each station

Max Cals

100m Cary + Max Slams

rest 45s x3

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch Deadlift + Snatch x2  4 sets 60-75%

Clean from the hip build up to a heavy single (focus is on speed under the bar)

Low Hang Clean + Clean Build to heavy then 6×1 @90%

Split Jerk build to a double Then 3×2 @90%



Test – 3 Rounds

Max Kipping Pull-ups/Kip Swings/Strict Ring Rows

Rest 60s 

Max HSPU/Push Ups

Score = Total reps



1 round on 1 round off x15 minutes

12 Cals

6 Hang Power Cleans 42.5/30

8 Bar Hop Burpees

Strength and Conditioning

Test – Deadlift x6RM

Test – Max Bent Hollow Body Hold

FFE Split Squat x6 EL /w Supinated ring Row x12 /w DB Strict Press x8 (x4)


60s on 30s off coaches pick x4


Team Fortitude Barbell

 EMOM x15 1 Snatch @  75-80% – 3s pause in catch

Clean + Front Squat + Jerk  Build to a heavy lift then 3×1 @85%

Front Squat 4×5 /w no pause- build up

Team WOD

‘Team Modified Murph’

As a team of 3

1.2k Run check in

10 Rounds

18 Pull-Ups

10 Synchronised Sit-ups

36 Push Ups

10 Synchronised Sit-ups

54 Air Squats

1.2k Run Check out



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