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Week Commencing 25/09/17



Deadlifts 4×8 (no touch and go control the eccentric portion) /w Single arm Strict Press x8 EA /w 10-15 Kip Swings


EMOM x20

Min 1 – 30-40 Double Unders

Min 2  6-8 Hang Clean and Jerks 50/35

Min 3 – Cals

Min 4 30s Hollow Hold


Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x5 /w Banded Bridges x15 (x4)

12 minute AMRAP

10 Hanging Knee Raises

10 Db Floor Press

8 SA DB Row EA



45s on 20s off



Farmers Carry




Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch Pull + Snatch + OHS x2 (x6) build up to a comfortable set

Floating Clean Deadlifts x8 (x4)

Front Squat x6 (x4) – 70-75%

3 rounds

Snatch Grip P/Press x10

SA DB Row x8 EA

Hanging Knee Raises x12




Every 30s x8 1 Power Clean – 85%

Split Squats x8EL /w Ring Rows x12 (x4)


Partners 12 minutes

14 TTB

28 Box Jumps

100m Med ball Carry together

Strength and Conditioning

Tempo Goblet squats x10 /w Plated W’s x12 /w Plank Rocks x20-30

10 minute AMRAP

8 Ring Rows

12 Reverse Crunches

1L Walking Lunges




12 minutes

100m Carry

20 Plate GTOH

30 Cals





Mid-week madness

Every 4 minutes x 8 

1- 20/15 cals, 200m run, 10-20 Down Ups

2- 10 Pull-ups, 14 DB STOH, 16-20 Wall Balls

Strength and Conditioning

Push Press x8 /w Prone Rows x10 (x3)

Ring support Pull -ups x8 /w DB RDL x10 /w Lateral Raises x15 (x3)

Hanging Knee Raises x10 /w Straight Arm Hold x45s (x3)


45s on 45s off x8




EMOM x8 – 3 Power Jerks 

12 minute AMRAP

6-8 HSPU 12 Tuck Ups 10 Single Arm DB Rows EA


10 Minute ARAMP

8 Chest to bar Pull Ups 

16 Kettlebell Swings

20 Air Squats

Strength and Conditioning

RDL x8 /w Push ups x12 /w Reverse flies x12 (x3)

12 minute AMRAP

Ring Support Pull-Ups x8

10 DB Strict Press

12 Banded Crunches



90s Slams

90s cals

90s Plate GTOH

rest 60s


Team Fortitude Barbell

Clean + 2 Hang Cleans (x6) – build up

Split Jerk /w 2s pause in dip and catch x3 (x4)

Snatch Deadlifts x8 (x3)

Back Squat x 6 (x4) 70-75%



Back Squat 4×8  /w DB RDL x10

EMOM x12

1- TTB

2- Double Unders

3- Push ups


 90s on 60s off (x5)

5 Deadlifts 100/75

10 Bar Hop Burpees

Max Slams  

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x5, /w Suitcase carry x50m EA (x4)

10 minute AMRAP

Split Squats x8 EL

Bent over Rows x10

Straddle Hold x30s


60s on 60s off Tyres Prowler Cals Tuck ups x4


Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch 5×3 – 60-70% – 3s pause in catch

Clean _ Jerk  4×3 – 70%

Front Squat 4×4 /w 3s pause in bottom of each rep – build up

Team WOD

As a Team of 4 Complete a 45 minute AMRAP

100 Cal Bike

100 Wall Balls

80 Cal Ski

80 Burpee Box Jump Overs

60 Cal Row

60 STOH 50/35

*1 team member holds Dball

*Every 90s 1 team member completes 8 Down ups


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