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Week Commencing 11/09/17



Front Squat 3×7 (3 second descent) /w DB Floor Press x8

10 minute AMRAP

4 Pull Ups 8 Push Ups 1L Walking Lunges 30s Straddle body Hold


5 Minute AMRAP

15 KBS 32/24

30 Double Unders


Rest 90s


Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x5 /w Farmers Carry x100m (x4)


10 minute Block

10 Single Arm DB Rows

15 Banded Bridges

10 Push Ups

30s Plank Hold


50s on 50s off x6



Every 30s x8 1 Power Clean 75%

3×4 Clean Pulls @105% /w Ring Rows x12


12 minutes Ascending reps of 4

STOH 45/32.5

Down ups

Hang Power Cleans

Tuck ups

Strength and Conditioning

Front Rack Walking Lunges x1L into Front Squats x6-8  (x3)

Ring Support Pull Ups x8 /w DB Push Press x8 /w Plated w’s x15 (x3)

Pallof Press x12 /w Bent Hollow Hold x45w (x3)


10 minutes in pairs

20 Slams

10 Inchworms

100m Carry

10 Inchworms

20 Cals

10 inchworms



Mid-week madness

Part A –

Working as a pair complete 200 calories on any machine of your choice in 20 cal intervals

Part B –

20 minute AMRAP

100m Farmers Carry, 200m run, 20 Sit ups, 10 Pull-ups/Ring Rows, 10 Push ups


Strength and Conditioning

Block A – 10 minutes

10 RDL

1L walking Lunges

8 Inchworms

Block B – 10 minutes

10 Ring rows

10 DB Floor Press

12 Reverse Flies

30s Straight Arm Hold


2 minutes Calories

2 minutes Slams

100m Carry

Rest 60s x3




Snatch grip RDL x8 /w HS hold/Wall Climb Hold x30-40s (x4)

10 Minute AMRAP 6-8 HSPU 6-8 Pull-ups 20-30s Straddle body hold


For time 30 cals 100m run 20 cals 200m run 10 cals 400m run

Strength and Conditioning

Split Squats x8 EL /w DB Step ups x6 EL (x3)

Strict Press x8 /w SA DB rows x8 (x4)

Reverse Crunches x12/w Straddle body hold x30s (x4)



12 minutes

10 cals on 10 cals off

Every 90s both perform 5 inchworms


Team Fortitude Barbell



Friday night lights


Open workout 15.1

Complete As Many Reps as Possible in 9 minutes of

15 TTB

10 Deadlifts

5 Snatches

Then Open 15.1a in 6 minutes

1 rep max Clean and Jerk

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x6, /w DB Prone Rows x10 (x4)

10 minute AMRAP

6 Split squats EL

10 DB Strict Press

12 Hanging Knee Raises


60s on 60s off Tyres Prowler Cals Tuck ups x4


Team Fortitude Barbell


Team WOD

Modified Noah’ – Partners

Buy in: 60 Push ups

Then 3RFT

800m run

30 pull ups

40 Wall Balls

30 Deadlifts 70/50

Cash out: 60 Push Ups

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