3 Ways to get back on track with your diet now the kids are back at school

So the summer holidays are over, the kids are back at school and normal school time routine can resume.

For many the summer holidays can throw us off a little.

Holidays abroad or in the UK, more sunny days (not loads but more than normal) mean barbecues and ice cream temptations are rife.

Generally the summer is a social time with more going on, lighter evenings and more reasons for our calorie consumption to increase as a result.

So now the nights are getting a little darker and our routines are getting back to some form of normal you may find yourself wanting to make some positive changes. So what are some of the things you can do immediately to start to set yourself up for success?

1- Track your Calorie intake for a period of time

Without some form of assessing we are simply guessing (like my use of rhyme?). To lose weight we MUST consume less calories than we are burning. 

Knowing how many calories we are consuming/ need to consume to lose weight is super important! 

By tracking your calories honestly for a week or 2 you can start to spot where excess calories may be being consumed that are hindering your weight loss.

Note – some foods you presume to be ‘healthy’  may surprise you! 

We use this calculator (link below) with our members to work out their calorie needs.


So get yourself to grips with calories and start your journey of success!

2- Increase your protein intake

Protein is essential for many of our bodily functions. Its great for our hair skin nails and muscles amongst many other things! 

What protein will also do is fill you up more. So including protein with every meal or finding high protein snacks is a great way to reduce your chances of overeating calories.

Good protein sources include Red and white meat, fish, yoghurt and the dairy products.

3- Increase your NEAT

NEAT stands for non exercise thermogenesis. This is basically the number of calories burnt doing daily tasks such as, walking, gardening, cleaning, running around after kids, exercise etc…

NEAT is a huge variable when it comes to weight loss and one the is often overlooked.  Research has shown NEAT to vary over 2000 calories per day within some individuals dependant on how active they are with work and in their spare time etc.

The better our NEAT the more calories we burn meaning we can be more successful with our weight loss.

Easy ways to increase our NEAT include, getting out of your chair if you are desk bound every 30-60 minutes and taking a brief walk. Aiming to hit a step goal. Parking further away from shops. Taking stairs instead of lifts where possible. Getting yourself a dog as dogs require walking. Exercising 2-3 times per week.

Basically anything you can think of that allows you to be more active.

To conclude this little kick starter piece,

Track your calories – Calories are king so work out what you are consuming currently, what you need to consume to lose weight and start trying to hit that number.

Eat more protein – Prevent cravings and eating higher calorie snacks that can be detrimental to our weight loss by keeping yourself feeling full for longer and eating more protein.

Be more NEAT – NEAT is super important, the more we move the more calories we burn the easier we can lose weight. Its an under-utilised tool that can actually give us more flexibility with our food. So get out and move wherever possible!

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