Week Commencing 6/08/17



Back Squat 5-5-3-3-3 /w Single Arm Push Press x6 EA

8 minute AMRAP 8 DB Step Ups EL 6 Pull-ups 12 Push Ups



EMOM x16

1- 30-50 Double Unders

2- 8-15 Pull-ups

3- 15/10 Cals

4- 5-10 HSPU

Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x8 /w Half Kneeling Shoulder Press x10 (x4)

Pendlay Row x8 /w Plank Rocks x20  /w Reverse Flies x15 (x3)

Ab Roll Outs x6 /w Plank x45s (x3)


30s on 30s off x10

Bike Ski Row

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch : Work up in doubles and hit a maximum double. No more than 2 attempts at top weight.

Clean + 2 Jerks: Work up to a heavy single

Snatch pull: 90%/2, (105%/2)x3

Bodybuilding + Abs 3×12



Every 30s x8 minutes 1 Clean @80-85%

EMOM x8 3 P/Press Start at 70%



Front Squats 50/35


*100m Med Ball Run between sets

Strength and Conditioning

RDL x8 /w Ring Row x12 (x4)

DB Floor Press x8 /w Push Ups x8 (x3)

Banded Crunches x12 /w Bent Hollow Hold x45w (x3)



15 Cals

20 Plate GTOH

15 Ball Slams



Mid-week madness

In Partners Perform the following:

10 minute AMRAP 200m Dball Carry 20 OHS 40/30 20 Bar hop Burpees

Rest 2 mins

9 minute AMRAP 20 Cals 20 Pull Ups 20 Thrusters 40’30

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP 8 100m Farmers Carry 30 Wall Balls 20 STOH 40/30


Strength and Conditioning

DB Push Press x8 into DB Front Squats x8  /w Banded Bridges x15 (x4)

Ring support Pull -ups x8 /w Lateral Raises x12 (x3)

Hanging Knee Raises x10 /w Bent Hollow Hold x30-45s (x3)

In a pair

Alt until 3 rounds are completed each

100m DBall Carry into 10 DBall squats

while partner performs max cals




EMOM x12

Min 1 Floor Press x4

Min 2 6 Split Squats EL

8 Minute AMRAP 8 Bent Over Row 10 DB RDL’s 45s Bent hollow hold


10 Minute AMRAP

8 DB Power Cleans 12 DB STOH 16 Down ups

Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x8 /w Single Arm DB strict Press x8 EA (x3)

DB RDL x8 /w Push Ups x8 (x4)

Plank rocks x20 /w Reverse Crunches x12 (x3)



12 minutes

30 Cals

20 Inch worms

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch: 10 singles starting at 80% working up in weight if technique is sound

Clean + Jerk: 8 singles starting at 80% working up in weight if technique is sound

Clean pull : (105%/2)x3

Back squat: Work up to a top set of 3 reps,  pause in the hole of the first rep for 3 seconds. 90% 3×4 – no pause.



Front Squat 3×6 @70-80%

10 Minute AMRAP

8 TTB 12 DB Strict Press 16 tuck ups


Partners 16 minute AMRAP

20 Box Jump Overs 30 KBS 24/16 40 DB Snatches 25/17.5

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x8, /w Db Push Press x8 (x4)

DB walking lunges x 1L /w 100m Suitcase Carry EA (x3)

Ring Support Pull Ups x6 /w Tuck Ups x10 /w Walkouts x6 (x3)

Capacity 60s on 60s off Tyres Prowler Cals Tuck ups x4



Team Fortitude Barbell

Hang Snatch from above the knee: (80-85%/1)x5

Hang Clean from above knee + jerk: (80-85%1+1)x5

Front squat: Work up to a top single,  pause in the hole for 3 seconds.

90% 3×2 no pause

Team WOD

As a Team of 3 For time:

120 Empty Bar Thrusters

600m run

90 Box Jumps 24/20

60 Cals

60 Down Ups

600m Farmers Carry

30 TTB

60 Cals


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