Is Breakfast the most important meal of the day??

A topic hotly debated and one i see mentioned a lot in regards to diet and weight loss is breakfast and its importance.

So is it as important as many people say it is?

Public health authorities commonly recommend breakfast consumption to reduce obesity. But how much strength is in this statement?

Will skipping breakfast have a negative impact on your weight loss??

Will skipping breakfast increase appetite leaving you hungrier throughout the day??

Will skipping breakfast affect your metabolism?

Here’s what the research says…

Dhurandhar et al (2014) states “A recommendation to eat or skip breakfast… contrary to widely espoused views, had no discernable effect on weight loss in free-living adults who were attempting to lose weight.”

Berkey, C S et al (2003) completed a 3 year long study on skipping breakfast and weight gain in young people. They found eating or skipping breakfast to not be a significant indicator of weight gain.

So Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day and skipping or eating Breakfast will have no added effect on overall weight loss so long as total calories consumed are less than the number of calories expended.


It all comes back down to that magical calorie deficit.

With regards to increased hunger and affects on metabolism, Betts et al, (2014)  found;

 ‘Contrary to popular belief, there was no metabolic adaptation to skipping breakfast (resting metabolic rate stable), with limited subsequent suppression of appetite.’

Meaning very little evidence was shown that skipping breakfast led to a greater appetite throughout the day.

So should we eat breakfast??

It all comes down to you as an individual.

Some people who have very busy early morning routines with kids etc may not find the time to prepare and eat a full breakfast and thats fine, some people simply cannot function in any capacity without eating breakfast, thats fine too!

If total calories remain in check throughout the day/week then eating of skipping breakfast is your choice.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be  complicated.

Find what works for you.

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