Week Commencing 31/07/17



Deadlift 5-5-3-3-3

8 min AMRAP 10 Pendaly Rows, 10 Strict  Arnold Press, 30s Hollow Hold



12 FR Lunges 50/30


21 Sit ups


Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x5 /w Banded Bridges x15 (x4)

Push Press /w Plank Rocks x16  /w Banded Lat Pull Down x15 (x3)

Ab Roll Outs x6 /w Walkouts x6 (x4)


Partners – 10 minutes

30 Cals

20 slams

100m carry

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch : 50%/2, 60%/2, 70%/2, (80%/2)x3

Clean from hang below knee: 55%/2, 65%/2, 75%/2, 80%/1, (85%/1)x3

Snatch pull: (95%/3)x3

Front squat : 50%/3, 60%/3, 70%/3, (80%/3)x4



Every 30s x 8 minutes 1 Clean @75-80%

10 Minute AMRAP 5 Pull ups 8 Split squats EL 30s HS Hold/ 3 Wall Climbs



9 Minute AMRAP

20 Cals

15 TTB

10 Burpees


Strength and Conditioning

Split squats x8 EL /w RDL x8 (x3)

Pendlay Rows x8 /w Push Ups x8 (x4)

Banded Crunches x12 /w Plank x45s (x3)


45s on 30s off

Bike Row Ski Slam Balls



Mid-week madness

Every 5 minutes for 40 minutes

1- 30/20 Cals ,100m Farmers Carry, Max Box Jump Overs

2- 400m Run 10-15 Pull ups Max Wall Balls

Strength and Conditioning

KB Front Squats x8 /w Banded Bridges x15  /w 1L Walking Lunges (x3)

DB Floor Press x8 /w Ring support Pull -ups x8 (x4)

Hanging Knee Raises x10 /w Bent Hollow Hold x30-45s (x3)

3 Rounds

20 Cals


15 Goblet squats

100m Farmers Carry



Floor Press 5-5-5-5 /w Split squats x10 EL

8 Min AMRAP 5 Ring Dips 10 SA DB row EA 15 Tuck Ups


12 minute AMRAP

200m Med Ball Run

10 KBS 24/16

20 Cals

10 Plate GTOH


Strength and Conditioning

DB Step Ups  x10 EL /w Single Arm DB strict Press x8 EA (x4)

Bent Over Rows x8 /w DB RDL x8 (x4)

Plated W’s /w Plank rocks x20 /w Straight Arm hold x45s (x3)



1 round on 1 off

8 Cals

10 Db P/Press

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch: 55%/3, 65%/3, 75%/3, continue up to maximum

Clean + jerk: 50%/1+1, 60%/1+1, 70%/1+1, continue up to maximum

Back squat: 90% of last weeks top set for 5 reps 2 sets



Bak Squat 10-10-8- 8 /w Banded bridges x15

EMOM x12 Min 1 TTB Min 2 DB Strict Press x8



Partners Round for round 12 minutes

6 Hang Cleans 50/35 12 STOH 6 Down Ups


Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x5, /w Db Floor Press x6 (x4)

KB Front Rack Lunges x 5EL /w Ring support Pull-Ups x6 (x3)

Reverse Crunches x8 /w Walkouts x6 (x3)

Capacity 60s on 60s off Tyres Prowler Cals Tuck ups x4

Friday night Lights

Open workout 13.2

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Shoulder to overhead 52.5/35
10 Deadlift 52.5/35
15 Box jumps  24/20


Team Fortitude Barbell

Power snatch: 75%/2, (85%/1)x3 Based off best power snatch

Front squat + Jerk:  60%/2+1, (75%/2+1)x3,

Front squat: 90% of last weeks top set for 3 reps 4 sets

Clean pull to hip: (95%/2)x2, (100%/1)x2


Team WOD

In a team of 3

Complete 9 rounds of

9 Handstand push-ups.

9 Thrusters 60kg/42.5

9 K2E

9 Burpees

9 KBS 32/24

9 Pull-ups

After each round, as a team perform  30 Cals


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