So over the last couple of weeks we have spoken about ways to immediately improve your success dieting.

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We have also spoken about what the most important variable when looking to be successful dieting is
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That variable if you didn’t read it is calories!
So how many calories do i need to consume to lose weight?
Well of course, it depends.
Every individual is different. We all have varying activity levels and eating habits. Individual calorie needs are dependant on:









Body Composition.


Fortunately for you, there is a quick method you can use right now to work out your own daily calorie needs.

 Firstly, simply multiply Your Bodyweight in lbs X 10-12 Kcal

 Next, If You Are Active And A Male Start At The Higher End (12),

 If You Are Inactive Start At The Lower Ends (10).

 E.G 70 Kg = 154lbs = 11 Stone.

 154 X 10-12 = 1540 – 1848.

Note – By active i mean someone who has a very hands on job or who is exceeding 10,000 steps per day plus, and/or someone who exercises 3+ times per week.

Inactive would be someone who is more desk based with their job and doesn’t exercise as frequently.

This figure is a very rough estimate of calories, however it does give us a good starting point and one that if adhered to should bring us a positive outcome.

From here i would recommend hitting these calories consistently for 2 weeks.

At the end of the two weeks you can then assess, if you have lost weight, great. you have successfully created a calorie deficit.

If your weight has stalled/stayed the same, have you remained consistent with these calories or are extra calories creeping in?

As you can see there is literally nothing magical around this.

No gimmicks

No fads

No expensive shakes or pills.

Its logical, its easy to set up and it doesn’t break your bank balance.

So go and create a calorie deficit, be consistent by including foods you enjoy and be successful.

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