5 tips for IMMEDIATE success while dieting

1- Set a starting point and track

Without knowing what we are shooting for or gaining an understanding of how many calories we are consuming we are simply just guessing.
Calories are king (or queen) when it comes to weight loss.
Becoming more aware of what we are consuming and how many calories we should be consuming will pay off immensely in the long run. We don’t need to track calories forever. However as a starting point with the aim of taking control of your diet and creating flexibility within it, some form of tracking for me period of time is key.
Once you have worked out a starting point (more on this soon) you can then begin to make the progress you desire

2- Increase your Step count – 8-10,000

Forming habits is key to long term weight loss success. One habit we suggest to implement is increasing your step count. we advise 8-10,000 steps per day, however any significant increase on the amount you are already doing is a great thing and certainly worth doing.
Increasing our step count means we are becoming more active, expending more calories and therefore giving ourselves a greater chance of being successful. Plus being outside a little more is a great stress reliever.
So grab your friends, family, pets or a podcast and get out and move.

3- Find a group of people similar to you

Things are easier and better together.
Social support is hugely beneficial for long term weight loss success. Find a community of people with shared values who support and understand you and your goals.
Dieting and weight loss can be a lonely and daunting process. One of the main reasons people migrate towards diet clubs etc is due to the seeking of a social support group.
Doing anything alone is hard, so seek people out to help you, in turn help them and you will increase your chances of being successful.

4- Ditch the fad, embrace the lifestyle

Fads come along, blow us off of our feet. Then quickly fade and die.
Fads are usually expensive and bring very short term success and satisfaction. Quick initial weight loss (Which unfortunately is mainly water weight) and cold promises from untrained and uneducated ‘diet coaches’ can make things seem promising and appealing for anyone.
However, the truth is replacing food with liquids or whatever named diet method we follow isn’t sustainable long term if it doesn’t fit in with our unique lifestyle.
These diets all work the same. They simply place you in a calorie deficit through the methods they use.
Focus on finding your own method of achieving a calorie deficit. One that doesn’t cost hundreds of £’s a month.

5- Increase your protein intake

Protein is quite possibly the most important nutrient of all.
As well as its aiding in growth and repair of muscles, skin hair and all of our cells etc it may also improve your chances of weight loss success.
Protein has been shown to increase satiety. This means it can help us feel more full after a meal leading to less chances of over consuming calories.
The less we can battle with our old foe hunger the easier it will be to maintain a calorie deficit and therefore lose weight.
Protein is commonly a nutrient lacking in peoples diets so increasing the amount you’re eating can have an immediate benefit.

1-1.5g per KG of bodyweight is a nice target to aim for.

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