Week Commencing 03/07/17



Front Squat 5-3-1 /w DB Push Press x12 between each set

3×12 Hanging Knee Raises



4 rounds each /w 2 min rest 10 TTB 20 Box Jump Overs 30 Cals

Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x8 w SA DB Row x8 (x3)

Ring Support Pull-ups x6-8  /w Single KB Front Rack Step Ups x6 EL (x4)

Banded Plank Reverse Walks /w Banded Hollow hold x30s (x3)


60s on 60s off x6

Tuck Ups


Hand Release Push Ups

Team Fortitude Barbell




Every 60s x8 1 Clean Start at 70%

Every 60s x8 1 Power Jerk start at 70%



12 Minute AMRAP

10 Pull-ups 15 DB P/pres 100m Med Ball run


Strength and Conditioning

DB Walking lunges x8 EL /w Strict Press x10 EL (x3)

Single Leg Bridges x8 /w Ring Support pull up x6 /w Reverse Crunches x12 (x4)


5 Rounds

10 DB Push Press

20 Cals

100m Farmers Carry



14 minute AMRAPS /w 2 mins rest

1 400m Run, 20 Pull ups, 30 Wall Balls

2- 10 Power Cleans 50/35, 20 Box Jumps, 10 STOH

3- 100m Farmers Carry, 20 cals, 20 Down Ups

Strength and Conditioning

Split Squats x12 (each side) /w Single Arm KB Strict Press x10/w Single Arm KB Row x10  (x3)

Ring support pull ups x6 /w Push Ups x12 (x3)

Ab Roll outs x6 /w Hanging Knee Raises x10 (x4)

Capacity – 45s on 45s off x 8  Alt Bike Ski Row



Push press 8-8-8

RDL 8-8-8

EMOM x8 Min 1 – Ring dips Sub Max Min 2 – CTB Sub Max


4 RFT 200m Run 100m Farmers Carry 20 OH Plate Lunges

Strength and Conditioning

RDL x8 /w Push ups x10 (x4)

DB Step ups x8 EL /w Single Arm Overhead Carries x100m (x3)

SA DB Rows x8 EA /w Pallof Press x10 ES (x3)

Capacity 6 rounds 100m Farmers Carry 10 Cals

Team Fortitude Barbell




Back Squat 8-8-8-6-6 /w Single Arm Strict Press x6 EA /w SA DB Row x8 ES



5 rounds  2 mins on 2 mins off

10 Cals 10 Bar Hop Burpees Max Thrusters 50/35


Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x5, /w DB Push Press (x4)

Single KB Front rack Lunges x5 EL /w Banded Glute Bridges x15 (x3)

Ab Roll out x8 /w Planche Lean x30-45s (x3)

Capacity 60s on 60s off Tyres Prowler Cals Tuck ups x2

Friday Night Lights

Open workout 12.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of
150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups


Team Fortitude Barbell



Team WOD

‘Team Jacked up Helen’

Teams of 3

6 Rounds for time

600m Run, 63 KBS, 45 Pull Ups



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