My First 30 Days

I’m 55 year old woman with a few health problems my GP & consultant said for me not to go back to the gym.

However I needed to do something. I was putting on weight, not wanting to do anything or go anywhere & not feeling good about myself. My joints were stiff & I was not able to do the things that I used to do.

When I heard Josh was opening up a gym in Lydney I was very interested to see what it entailed.

I sent him a message asking him all about it.  Instead of him telling me all about it through a message Josh asked me to pop & see him.

His passion for his new business was what inspired me to join.

My initial thoughts were, an I doing the right thing going against my GP & consultant?

The answer is yes. It’s the best thing that I have done. Since joining I have met some lovely people too.

I have more energy, I’m more flexible and I’m doing things that I haven’t done in long time.

In 2 weeks I’m doing a 5K inflatable run.
This would not have been possible without Josh & Tina’s help & support. A big thank you to you both x

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