Week Commencing 19/06/17



Deadlift 5-5-5

EMOM x10

Min 1 5 Pull ups + 10 Tuck ups

Min 2 – 5 DB P/press + 1L walking lunges


Partners 14 minute AMRAP

40 cals 40 TTB 80 Double Unders

Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x8 w Floor Press x8 (x4)

Ring Support Pull-ups  x6-8 EA /w DB Step Ups x8 EL (x3)

Banded Crunches x12 /w Tuck ups x10 (x3)


Pairs 10 minutes 5 cals each 8 Plate GTOH 5 cals each 16 plate GTOH 5 cals each 25 plate GTOH

Team Fortitude Barbell

Snatch: 55%/4, 65%/3, (75-80%/2)x6

Power Clean with, no contact + push press: (85%/3+2)x4

Snatch pull : 90%/4, (100%/4)x4 With slow eccentric 5 seconds down

Front squat:  Set of 5 with a pause on the first rep then -10-15%% for 3×5



Every 90s x10 Clean + FS  + Jerk Starting at 60%

3 rounds Floor Press x10 Pull ups x6-10 Planche Hold x45s


7 minute AMRAP

6 DB Power Cleans 17.5/12.5 12 DB Push Press 200m Run

Strength and Conditioning

RDL x10 /w Box support holds x45s(x4)

Single Leg Glute Bridges x8 EL /w Tuck ups x10 (x3)

Ring Rows x8 /w Pallof Press x10 ES (x3)

Capacity 4 rounds 100m Farmers Carry 12 Inchworms 12 Banded Crunches



Mid-week madness

Every 4 minutes for 36 minutes  1- 15 Burpees 10 Box jump Overs 100m farmers carry 2- 400m Run + 15-20 KBS 32/24 3- 30-50 cals

Strength and Conditioning

Split Squats x10 (each side) /w DB Push Press x10 (x3)

Ring support pull ups x6 /w Push ups x8 (x4)

Plank reverse walks x8 /w Banded hollow hold x30s (x3)

Capacity – 30s on 30s off x 12  Alt Bike Ski Row



Strict Press x8-6-4-2 /w Split Squats x8 EL

Hanging Knee Raises 3×10


3RFT 15 STOH 50/30 15 Box Jumps 15 Down Ups

Strength and Conditioning

Db walking lunges x2L /w Box support hold (x3)

Strict press /w ring row/pull up (x3)

Lying knee raises x12 /w Pallof Press x10 (x3)

Capacity 1 min slam balls 1 min tuck ups 1 min inchworms 1 min cals 1 min rest x2

Team Fortitude Barbell

Muscle snatch : (40-50%/2)x4

Jerk behind the head: 50%/4, 60%/3, (75%/3)x2, (80%/3)x2,

Clean Pull : 90%/4, (95%/4)x3 With slow lowering (5 sec down)

Bodybuilding + Abs 3×12



EMOM x10

Min 1 8 Split Squats EL

Min 2 Sub Max TTB

EMOM x12

Min 1 Sub max HSPU

Min 2 5 DB Step Ups EL


Partners 12 minute AMRAP

200m Farmers Carry 400m run 50 Wall Balls

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x8, /w Push ups x8 (x4)

Single KB Front rack Lunges x5 EL /w Banded GluteBridges x15 (x3)

Reverse Crunches /w Front rack Carry  x100m EA (x3)

Capacity in a team of 3

6 mins Farmers carries 6 min cals


Team Fortitude Barbell

Clean + jerk: 55%/3+3, 65%/3+3, 75%/3+3, (80%3+2)x3

Snatch with no hook no feet:  50%/4, 55%/3, (65-70%/3)x4

Back squat: (70%/7)x4 with slow eccentric 6 seconds down

Team WOD

Part A – Everyone completes a 500m Row for time

Part B Partners

‘Double DT’

Every 2 minutes 100m Carry

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