Week Commencing 12/06/17



Back Squat 3-3-3-3 (3s pause) /w 100m Farmers Carry AHAP between sets


EMOM x20

1- 8-12 Thrusters 42.5/30

2- 6-12 TTB

3- 10-15 cal Bike

4- 40s Hollow Hold

Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x10 w Ring Support Pull Ups x6-8 (x4)

SA DB row x8 EA /w DB Step Ups x8 EL (x3)

DB Single Arm OH Carry x50m EA /w Banded Crunches x12 (x3)

Capacity – Pairs 10 minutes 20 Plate GTOH 30 Cals 100m Farmers Carry

Team Fortitude Barbell

Working up to opening weights for Thursdays max out in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk



EMOM x10 1x Hang Clean + Jerk start at 75% Building up

3 Rounds Sub max set of Strict Pull-Ups, 10 DB Strict Press, 20 Banded Deadbugs


In Pairs 12 minutes – work round for round 10 Wall balls then 10 Cals

Every 2 minutes – 10 Synchronised Sit-ups

Strength and Conditioning

RDL x10 /w Banded Lat Pull Downs (x4)

Single Leg Glute Bridges x8 EL /w Tuck ups x10 (x3)

Ring Rows x8 /w Plank x60s (x3)

Capacity 3-4 Rounds 20 Banded bridges 15 KBS 10 Inchworms



Mid-week madness

A – 8 minute AMRAP 5 HSPU 5 Pull ups 30s Banded Hollow Hold

B- In partners working at aerobic pace

30 minute AMRAP

50m OH Carry L arm each

50m OH Carry R Arm each

15 KBS each

10 Box Jumps each

100m Run each

Strength and Conditioning

Split Squats x10 (each side) /w DB Strict Press x10 (x3)

Ring support pull ups x6 /w Push ups x8 /w Reverse Crunches (x4)

Capacity – 45s on 15s off Bike Ski Row Slam Balls



Deadlifts 8-8-8 /w Ring Dips x8-10

Pallof Press x10 /w Planche x45s (x3)


12 minute timer ascending reps 3-6-9-12

Hang Cleans 60/40, Push ups, Sit ups

Strength and Conditioning

Db walking lunges x2L/w Strict Press x8 (x4)

Hanging Knee Raises x10 /w Box support Hold x30s /w DB OH Walk x50m EA (x4)

Capacity 4 Rounds 60s on 45s off Alt Cals and Planking

Team Fortitude Barbell

Mock competition standards

Snatch – 3 attempts

Clean and Jerk 3 attempts



EMOM x10

Min 1 – 8 Elevated Split Squats EL

Min 2  РSub max Strict Pull ups


Min – 1 Strict Press x6

Min – 2 DB RDL x12


Partners 15 minute AMRAP

20 Box Jump Overs 400m run 20 STOH 50/30

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x8, /w Single Arm Kneeling shoulder Press x12 (x4)

KB Front rack Squats x8 /w Scap Pull Downs x15 (x3)

Reverse Crunches /w Suitcase carry x50m EA (x3)

Tabata Bike Ski Row


Team Fortitude Barbell

Team WOD

Part A

Team of 4

10 minute AMRAP

80 Cals

100 Down Ups

Part B

Partner ‘Kelly’

In pairs complete


400m run

30 Box Jumps

30 Wall Balls

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