My First 30 days

At 51 I was unfit unmotivated and had the usual problems, back pain, joint stiffness and general lack of energy.

I Got bored with the constant use of treadmills and bikes so made every excuse not to go until in the end I stopped altogether.

New gym, new ideas i thought i’d  give it a go, and i absolutely Love it !!

I try to go to 5 classes a week, everyone is friendly and supportive. No stigma if your not as fit as other people. Classes are tailored to fit your fitness level and  allow you to improve at a steady pace.

I can now Deadlift 40kg and am excited at the progress I’m making, i also get excited for everyone I train with as we all encourage each other!

I’m not the fittest person but it doesn’t matter I leave class feeling great. I have less joint stiffness, my back is improving all the time and my energy levels are great. Everything is firming up slowly but surely, who knows what I will be able to achieve in 6 or 12 months Josh and Tina are great make you feel comfortable from day 1.

I have also made new friends and love the social side of the gym.


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