My First 30 Days

My First 30 Days

“I was bored and totally got fed up of going to the gym. I didn’t train for about 3 months before gaining the courage to get my ass over to you guys. I was ready to up sticks and move up to wales. I’m so so glad i didn’t.

From day one i was made to feel welcome and involved. No-one ever looked at me oddly because of my brand of nonsense. Everyone here is easily family material. Supportive and encouraging, Josh is a Fortitude wizard.

You lot make getting up at silly o clock a very enjoyable experience.

I have had issues with my shoulder, generally from being bit old, but i feel stronger, my shoulder is a lot better than it was. I also find getting into the gym early sets my day up with a smile and i tend to make wiser choices regarding crappy eating.

I just love Fortitude, i love being apart of it. Getting a hug from Rich this morning was exactly what i needed being that my partner Fred is away till next weekend, sometimes a hug is everything, no matter who its from.

You guys rock, you’ve lifted me from my slightly dark place i was getting comfy in, made my days brighter and smiles smilier.”

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