Week Commencing 7/05/17



Back Squat 8-8-8-6   /w Seated DB Press x10 between each set


EMOM x20

Min 1 10-15 Cal Ski Erg

Min 2 – 30-50 Double Unders

Min 3 – Max Burpee Box Jumps

Min 4 – Rest

Strength and Conditioning

Single KB Front Rack Squat x8 EL /w Good mornings x10 (x3)

Push Ups x8 /w Banded Face Pulls x12 (x3)

SA DB Rows x8/w Reverse Crunches x6-10 (x4)


In partners 12 Minute AMRAP

20 Cals

16 Plate GTOH

12 Tuck Ups

Team Fortitude Barbell Club

Snatch /w no feet 60% x3 (x4)

Power Clean + Clean 60% x3 (x4)

Push Press 4×5 @80% of 5RM

Back Squat 4×5 @80% of 5RM



Strict Press 3-3-3-1-1

Penlay rows 4×8 /w Palloff Press x10 each side


Partners 14 Minute AMRAP

400m Run, 30 Hang cleans 50/35, 25 TTB, 20 Pull ups

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x6 /w Farmers Carry x100m (x4)

Ring sup Pull ups x4-6 /w DB Strict Press x8 (x3)

Hollow Holds x45s (x3)


1 min Bike 1 min Row 1 min Ski 1 Min Slam Balls 1 min rest x3



‘Mid week madness’

Working at 70-80% Throughout

35 Minute AMRAP

400m Run 20 KBS 20 Push Ups 200m Farmers Carry 15 Down Ups 15 Tuck Ups

Strength and Conditioning

Back Squat x8 /w DB Floor Press x8 (x4)

Split Squats x 6-8 /w Tuck ups x10 (x3)

Banded Lat Pull down x15/w Prone raises x12 (x3)


3 rounds 50m Front Rack Carry 60s Plank hold 8 Inchworms  10 cals



EMOM x10 1 Power cleans + 2 Power Jerk

Front Squat x6 @7RPE /w Hollow Holds x45s (x3)


3 rounds

20 Cals, 100m Farmers Carry, 2L Front Rack Walking Lunges, 15 burpees

Strength and Conditioning

RDL x8 /w Walking Lunge x 2L (x3)

Push up x8 /Banded scapula downs x12 /w Planche Lean x45s (x3)

100m Suitcase carry (x3)


Partners 30s on 30s off x 2 minutes on each

Slam balls




Tuck ups

Team Fortitude Barbell Club

Power Snatch heavy single

Power Clean heavy single

Split Jerk heavy single

Clean Deadlift 4×5 @80%5RM



EMOM x 14

Min 1 – 3 Push Press (building up)

Min 2 – 5-10 TTB/ Hanging Knee raises

EMOM x18

Min 1 – 3-5 BMU/ Pull Ups

Min 2 – 10-15 Cal Air Bike

Min 3 – 5-10 HSPU

Min 4 – 10-15 Cal Row

Min 5 – 30-50 Double Unders

Min 6 – 30s Hollow Hold

Strength and Conditioning

Back squat x6 /w Single arm DB row x8 (x4)

Push Press x8 /w Bent hollow hold x30-45s (x4)

Half Kneeling shoulder Press x10 /w Palloff Press x12 (x3)

‘Prowler Relay’

Two teams

AMRAP 12 minutes

Every 2 pushes perform 10 cals


Team Fortitude Barbell Club

Snatch Heavy single

Clean and Jerk heavy single

Front Squat 4×5 @80 of 5RM

1 BB + 1 Abs

Team WOD

Teams of 3

The Fortitude mini olympics

Event 1 – ‘Thar she Rows’

500m Team Row – Each Team member must perform a 500m row as quick as possible – Score = All 500m Rows combined


Event 2 – ‘Sled Slog’

900m Prowler for time. Gents Sled 80kg, Ladies 50kg

Event 3 –

16 Minute AMRAP, 10 Synchro Down ups, 15 DB Push Press , 30 Goblet squats 32/24

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